Thermostat - Power was out 48 hours, thermostat now won't turn on at all

Hurricane Beryl hit us and we lost power for 48 hours. Power came back this morning and now our Wyze Thermostat won’t turn on. Screen is completely blank/black. I’ve reset all breakers and flipped the power switch that provides power to the furnace and Wyze on/off several times. I can hear a hum coming from the furnace so I assume it’s receiving power.

Is it possible the thermostat fried when the power went off/on several times before it went out for good for the 48 hours? Any way to verify?

Might have a float switch that tripped. do you have a picture of the air handler wiring and the thermostat wiring? it would help me troubleshoot.

Thanks for the response. To troubleshoot, I installed a basic simple thermostat to see if that would work, and it did not. I reinstalled the Wyze thermostat, and called an A/C repairman, who immediately noticed a fuse on the furnace control board was blown. Unfortunately as soon as he replaced the fuse and turned the system back on, the fuse blew immediately. After more troubleshooting, he said the Wyze thermostat was fried and was causing the problem. He reinstalled the basic thermostat I have and the system is functioning now.

I have purchased a new Wyze thermostat, but have not installed it yet. I’m obviously a glutton for punishment. :wink: