Wyze Thermostat Blank Screen

Searching for help: after a power outage my two Wyze Thermostats would not power back on. The screen of thermostats remained blank.

After some troubleshooting, I discovered that the 3 Amp fuse on each HVAC air handling unit blew out. After replacing the fuse in each air handler and restoring power with the breaker on the air handler, the 3 Amp fuse blew out again.

My next step or try was to:

  1. remove the two Wyze Thermostats from the wall plate
  2. replaced the fuse a second time and
  3. restored power to the air handler and the fuses did not blow this time;
  4. I then removed the wiring on the first Wyze Thermostat mounting plate and rewired my original (non-smart) thermostat ……

…… this re-energized my original thermostat and the HVAC units begin to work as normal. I followed the same steps on the second Wyze Thermostat and my original Thermostat worked correctly.

I have not attempted to re-install the Wyze Thermostats to-date.

Can anyone help with a resolution for my Wyze Thermostats?

Thank you!

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