Thermostat unit shorts and blows fuse after storm

I had my thermostat up and running all fine and dandy for about 6 months. Then, during a storm, and of course while I was away for a week, the whole thing stopped dead. Like totally dead. I got home from the trip and the house was like 95 degrees at like 9PM. So I got to work.

I had a 6 pack of the same fuse (serendipitously because I popped during installation) recommended and in-use by my furnace (3 AMP I think it is) and replaced it. Power on… pop… fuse blown. I did a little fiddling and blew yet another fuse trying to figure it out, but in the end, I had to reinstall my old lame thermostat and everything fired right up just fine and the AC came on and started to cool down.

There is no obvious damage to the unit itself. Something in it simply fused and now causes a short, which blows the fuse. I lived in a townhome complex with 90 or so identical condo units and nobody else reported anything out of the ordinary when I talked to and asked the group, so it was certainly something amiss with the thermostat… or just my luck.

So it’s dead… but what can be done about it, if anything?

So my questions are this:

  • Are there any diagnostics or fixes that would work on the unit?
  • Are there any diagnostics that you guys at WYZE would like to do on it to do a RCA?
  • Is this a manufacturing defect that would qualify me for a replacement?
  • Am I just out of luck here?

I would definitely contact support on this one, sounds like you may be eligible for a replacement, depending on how long you have had the product.

My Wyze thermostat just did the exact same thing. Had a minor power outage, it’s now shorting at the fuses on my AC unit. I’m on live chat with customer service right now but since I’ve had it for over a year I think I’m SOL

I just had the same thing happen. It has to be some sort of manufacturer defect. No storms. I had my AC guy come by and he said it was causing a ground fault and blowing the fuse. Not cool @Wyze.