Thermostat power cycling before heating

Trying to figure out if this is an issue with my set up or others see this too. I have a gas forced air system that’s pretty recent and had a C wire from the previous thermostat.

Whenever my thermostat turns on the heat the fan will start up for a moment , fan will stop, and then the thermostat will power cycle. The thermostat reboots, shows the Wyze logo, comes back to the temp screen while reconnecting WiFi, and then turns the heat on again this time successfully.

Is this a known issue or does it sound like there is something funny in my set up?

I have exactly the same problem with my Wyze thermostat.
In addition it can reboot several times on its own at the moment when heat starts and there is no pattern for this behavior.
Wyze support suggested to hire a local HVAC specialist for proper installation or return (not replace) the thermostat.

Mine did this at first, the W and R were wired backwards on my old thermostat. While it didn’t impact the function of the old one it caused the Wyze thermostat to constantly power cycle when trying to kick on the heat.

Did you find a solution for this problem? I think I have the same one. This happened a couple of years ago when I installed a different smart thermostat. I hoped that it was just a problem with that thermostat. Now it’s happening with my Wyze thermostat. When heating, it begins heating and after a few minutes, the thermostat just shuts off. After a minute or two, it comes back on and reboots. Seems to happen throughout the heating cycle until the set temp is reached. Therefore it takes a lot longer for the house temperature to increase to the desired level. I don’t really want to hire an HVAC guy to figure it out, so I’m hoping you have some good advice for me.

The Wyze Thermostat will immediately turn on the fan when it turns on the heater. From what I’ve heard that happens for everybody. It does that by way of the G-wire. In my case it does not restart the thermostat though. I have disconnected the G-wire to prevent this from happening because my furnace is smart enough to operate its own fan cycles.

If you have a G-wire I would try and disconnect it and see if that still turns on the fan immediately and/or restarts the Thermostat.

There is another topic on the forums where somebody had his Thermostat in a boot loop when the heat turned on, but he had a wiring problem. If disconnecting the G-wire doesn’t fix it, then it might help if you post pictures of both the wires at the thermostat and at the furnace end.

I had a HVAC guy yesterday and specifically asked him to check W and R wires. He said everything is connected correctly.
I still considering to make another experiment with W and R swap and then if it helps to disconnect G. Here is some useful info can be found: Thermostat C Wire: Everything you need to know about the “common” wire – Smart Thermostat Guide it also explains a potential complication of G-wire disconnect.

All of the experiments were compromises I didn’t want to make. I waited for the first software update but the problem remained. I think the issue is that when the thermostat initially turns on the heat or cold the common line in my home must dip in voltage enough that the thermostat turns off. I switched to the Nest thermostat and the battery backup must handle the dip because I have no issues. I love Wyze cams but for the $15k worth of hvac equipment I have connected to my thermostat I just want it to work and not worry my equipment is being destroyed. Hope everyone else experiencing this finds a solution I would have stayed with Wyze for the long run if this wasn’t happening to me.

So I’m having the exact same issue, but I’ve been running the Wyze thermostat for a full year with not a single issue and then all of a sudden, it won’t stop power cycling and I’m stuck with a perfectly good A/C that won’t run and my house is 80 in Florida.

I dealt with this last winter, and thought the voltage drop might be the problem.

So, I replaced my 40 MA transformer with a 75 MA transformer - and the Wyze thermostat is still re-booting whenever it calls for heat.

So - I guess it wasn’t my furnace transformer causing the problem.

I hate to do this because I love the design - but I think I need to return these thermostats and try another brand. Really a bummer.