Wyze Thermostat- Restarts during test of heating circuit and turning heat on

Hi all. I been on here for some days now helping others with the initial set up of their Wyze thermostat.

Kindly asking for your help with my issue.

I have 5 zones with 5 thermostats for heat. I have two central air handlers with separate thermostats for A/c only.

I purchased the Wyze thermostat to control heat only for now.

I have a two wire heating system. I didn’t have a C wire. Long story short I have RH(based on tutorial its connected to RC) W1 and C now.
Everything turns on as normal.

I am receiving 24 volts between Rc and C and Rc and W1.
During the test of the tutorial when it activates my heat you can hear the thermostat click and then restarts. Then it returns back to the in room temperature screen.

Also If I were to increase the temperature the thermostat does the same thing by restarts.

So then I inspected the transformer . 5 thermostats 5 valves on one transformer. Fortunately not all zones activate at the same time but still I believe it’s too much amp draw on the 24v 40va

So then I isolated the 1 zone and 1 thermostat and performed the test same issue is occurring. I believe the thermostat is trying to turn on the a/c side and maybe looking for Y.

I was thinking maybe due to Wyze asking me to connect my RH to RC the heating leg was not activating the heat and causing the thermostat to restart. So I performed a reset and added a jumper to RC and RH and restarted the tutorial to recognize the wires. Same thing occurs.

I’ve read some other posts where other users complained that their A/c was turning on when Heat was requested.

Got me thinking… connect w1 to Y1 to try.

So i will try that next. I am thinking that would work.

Also regarding the setting that was mentioned “go to settings and click on swap a/c and heat”. I have no such option. Maybe that would cure all.

Need to spend my Christmas with my fam so need to take a break lol :slight_smile: :joy:

@wyze , @Chuan @CaptainMark would you mind sending us the activation schematic of every scenario ( heat / A/C / Heat pump etc…) so we can diagnose what’s happening?

There is definitely an issue activating heat.
I really want to use these thermostats since I believe in Wyze.

Thanks again


Hey Wyze Fam,

Sorry for the lack of posts.

Eventually I figured out my issue. It was Voltage drop. When the valve was activated by the thermostat, the voltage dropped and the thermostat lost power shutting it off.

At the end of the day with how my valves and thermostats were connected I invested in a zone valve controller by Honeywell. I purchased the Honeywell HPZC106 Six Zone Valve Zoning Panel. This compensates for power robbing thermostats. This allows for 6 separate zones. 6 Separate thermostats and 6 valves.

Now all is well with the world. I just installed two zones and thermostats so far. Works perfectly. This is a God send as I don’t have to add more wires to each thermostat. Just 3 wire is perfect.

Going to wire the rest of the zones.

These Honeywell has many different units.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!