Wyze thermostat is rebooting when turning on the furnace

Hi guys, I have 2 Wyze thermostats and the one in the 2nd floor is having some random reboots all day long while it’s turning on the furnace to heat up, I’ve been reading some posts in here, but the ones I read had some issues because they didn’t have the C wire and wired the thermostat incorrectly, but my situation is different, I do have C wire through my wall, and I followed step by step the Wyze while installing it and wired it as Wyze shows, I have attached two pics, the pic is the old thermostats with the wires and the pic 2 is the Wyze thermostat all wired as it’s indicated in the app, I created a case with Wyze and they shipped me a different unit to try, I am curious if something to do with the actual wires, or the plate that is not making good connection with the wires, or something else, just want to check if you guys have any insight, recommendation or troubleshooting steps I might follow.

P.D: the thermostat in the first floor is working perfectly and hasn’t had any weird behavior

I don’t see any obvious issues. Random rebooting could be an overloaded transformer, or bad wiring, or a bad thermostat. Do you have a picture of the other end of the wiring, at the furnace?