Wyze thermostat clicking then rebooting

When installing my Wyze thermostat. It just clicks and reboots its self. Please help

This is current set up. When I match the wire colors to the ones on the Wyze. It just reboots

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Something isn’t wired correctly.

The image you shared isn’t really helpful as it shows many wires disconnected and doesn’t show the labels on the old thermostat where the remaining wires are connected or where the old ones were connected.

I’m not an HVAC tech, but there are some really experienced users here who can most likely help. To do that, they will need:

  1. A photo of the old wiring before it was disconnected.
  2. A photo of the thermostat wiring where it is connected to the main control board in the HVAC unit.
  3. A photo of the wiring after you connected it to the Wyze Thermostat Wall Mount Plate.
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I didn’t take a pic. But it’s was yellow white green red

There was a jumper on red

The colors are sometimes not reliable depending on when it was installed and who installed it. The labels are the important factors, the letters they were connected to. At this point, the only thing that will show that is a pic of the thermostat wires at the control board.

From the 4 colors you mentioned, it doesn’t sound like there was a common wire to the old thermostat. When you did the install setup, it should have caught that and indicated the need for a C wire or C Wire Adapter.

It is quite possible that the black wire that is wrapped around the bundle coming out of the wall is the C wire. The Wyze Thermostat requires a common wire to maintain 24\7 power. The ONLY way to tell is to see where those wires are connected on the control board. It’s not something you can guess at from the wires coming out of the wall. There is no way to tell what is connected at the other end.


You probably wont need a C adapter with that many wires, but slabslayer is right, I will need an image from inside your air handler/ furnace to tell which wires do what.