Wyze Thermostat Not Turning on Heat

I have my thermostat set to “Heat to 69”. It’s 68 in the house and the thermostat doesn’t turn on the heat. Is this normal behavior? The heat will eventually turn on but I’m not sure at what temperature. I’m wondering if there’s something I’m not understanding about the way the thermostat works.

I don’t know about the WYZE thermostat but I think all thermostats have a +/- 2 to 3 degree window for turn on or off. I have never had one that turned on/off at the exact temperature selected. Of course all my controls are old. :grin:


There are 2 settings you can look at, possibly more.

Go to the T-Stat in the App and select Setting. Check the Behavior setting and see if adjusting that helps. I have mine set to Better Comfort.

Then go to Advanced and see what the Differential Temp is set to. Mine is set to .5 degrees. This means when the temp differs by .5 it will turn on the AC or Heat.

You need to pay attention to the Short Cycling of the HVAC system. Mine seems to be fine at .5


I have my Wyze Thermostat heat set at 68° with a 1° differential. The heat will come on at 67° and cuts off at 69°. The wider the differential, the less startups your equipment experiences which helps extend the life of the system.

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I’m going to agree with the others who have posted here. You probably have the default differential of 1 degree…which means any minute now it’ll kick on, if the temp drops just a little lower. If you want to go ahead and get your heat to kick on, Settings->advanced and change your differential to 0.5 degrees.

Thanks everyone! The differential was it. I’m going to try it at .5 and see how it does.