Wyze Thermometer Differential Temp Setting

Just set up my first thermometer and it is working great. However, I cannot figure out how to do the following as stated from the Wyze website: “Differential Temp - Customize the temperature difference before the system kicks in. The smaller/larger the difference, the sooner/longer before the system calls to heat or cool the space back to your set temperature.” Seems like I have been everywhere in the app and saw nothing regarding this feature. Certainly could just be overlooking it. Since the product is so new, my call to Wyze tech support yielded no solution from the first line support staff. They are supposed to email me back, at some point, but I was hoping someone out there has solved this already. I am using the Android Wyze app and it is the latest version. Thanks everyone!

Also have this question -right now the thermostat waits until it drops 2 degrees for the heater to come on and then overshoots the target temp by 2 degrees. So there is a 4 degree jump every time it turns on. I’d like to reduce this to 2 degrees.

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@jiverson: This is actually good news for me, if a 2 degree +/- variant is built in, as I have been reluctant to engage my thermostat for fear it would cycle each time the temp dropped a degree. I can live with that until we discover how to change it. I didn’t want to set the heater at 68, heat to that point, and then have it cycle on/off each time the temp drops one degree. That’s too much pressure on the system and igniter. Hopefully they will answer our question on how to adjust this shortly.

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I’m totally confused by this for some reason. So, if I set at 68 and choose -2 does that mean my thermostat will automatically kick on at 66? It seems like it’s a yes but my husband is pretty sure that it’s a no.

I keep overshooting by 4ish degrees. I’m going to be burning up oil like crazy of I can’t stop this from happening.

@rumbledolly: how are you choosing -2 for a temp differential? That is the crux to my original post. I cannot find a way to make such a setting in the app (Android). Are you sure you aren’t referring to the temperature calibration? As for your question, if it is in regards to temp differential: if you are able to set the differential at -2, and say have the thermostat set for 70 degrees F, then the unit will run until it reaches 72 then turn off and not come on again until the house gets back down to 68. This is so your furnace isn’t constantly cycling on and off.

I’ve been unable to locate any reference to this. The only thing I have found is to offset the actual temperature reading the thermostat displays. If a known thermometer displays a different reading than the thermostat it allows you to correct the thermostat’s display is the way I understand this. I am familiar with temperature “Differential” which is the set number of degrees before the thermostat engages heating or cooling based on the actual set-point. Two degrees offset means at a 70 degree means at 68 degrees heat would come on and shut off at 72 degrees if in the heating mode. Where are people finding this adjustment?

You make complete sense. I’m not a mathy person and hate to admit my husband is correct.

The adjustment is in the app under the little gear (settings) in the top right corner. If you click, scroll down, you’ll see Advanced. Click and scroll again to temperature correction.

I have mine now set to zero. It’s 71 in my family room and thermostat is set to 67. I am dying. We never heat this high. It’s way too dry in here and I can’t afford the oil. In New England you put on a darn sweater and get used to 67/68 inside!

I’m frustrated with this and lack of answers.

I am experiencing 1 degree temp differential, set at 69, kicks on at 68 and off at 70. Fairly standard. I think Wyze’s reference to differential is not correct since they mention heat/cool in that sentence. They may be referring to the difference between heat (furnace) and cool (a/c) temps which isn’t related. I don’t see a temperature differential setting (at least not yet). I too would like control over it, and I’d prefer it to have half degree options like .5, 1, 1.5, 2, etc. Will be interested in a Wyze response. Like the overall thermostat experience so far!


I’d love to set at 66/67 and have it stop at 68. My issue is it’s not telling the boiler to stop soon enough and 71/72 is way too high.

Would absolutely love to see Wyze weigh in. I want this to work but my old thermostat was much more accurate. It was 14 years old. It shouldn’t be more accurate than something brand new.

Just to be clear - we’re looking for the feature called “Differential Temp” which is called out on the details page for the Thermostat:

It states:

“Differential Temp
Customize the temperature difference before the system kicks in. The smaller/larger the difference, the sooner/longer before the system calls to heat or cool the space back to your set temperature.”

So far cannot find this feature in the settings, though it could appear in a later update. Would be nice if Wyze could let us know.

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I’ve seen it mentioned in the forum but I can’t find it either. I wonder if people are confusing the temperature correction in the advance setting for this? I’d like to be able to adjust the differential also. I worked in the HVAC field so I am familiar with this feature on high end programmable thermostats used in commercial applications.

Using the beta on Android click gear> behavior set for Max comfort. That should work but it doesn’t one heating cycle per hour four to five degrees swing. No different than leaving in the middle. I’m thinking they want their energy star rating sacrificing comfort. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am also unable to locate a temp differential setting in either Android or ios. This was one of the main reasons I purchased this. Let us know when it will be fixed per the advertisement on the website!

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Sure would be nice if Wyze would chime in. I’m wondering if the differential is controlled by the behavior setting. FYI that’s my better half in post 9. Tstat still behaving the same way-Set at 67, comes on at 66, shuts off around 69, but due to radiators radiating we end up around 70-71. I’m just about ready to put the old one back.

following thread to see if someone from wyze replies today? sadly we did put the old thermostat back on,

Just turn your heat down to 64? The wyze is using the temp you set as a minimum, not a maximum. it overshoots by 3-5 degrees every time, so just turn down the start point to accommodate this.

This is different to most other thermostats, which allow the temperature to fall a few degrees below the set point and then heat back up to the set point and then stop.

Not really looking for a workaround. Just want it to work as advertised… With your suggestion we are going to have a 5 degree fluctuation which would be ridiculous… I want my house to be at 66, when it drops to 65, I want it to heat until 67. This keeps the temps relatively stable without kicking the furnace on and off every ten minutes which saves your equipment. Again, this would be a mute point if it wasn’t advertised to do this, but since it is, it should work as promised and it does not.


I think when you set it on max comfort, it will reduce the differential, but it will still run differently than most other thermostats, where you need to set it lower than you actually want the temperature to stop at.
Think of it this way: when you are setting most thermostats, you are setting the end temperature setpoint, with a 2-5 degree differential below the temp you are setting. With the wyze, you are setting the turn on setpoint, with a 2-5 degree differential above the temp you are setting. at least that’s how it seems to work to me.

Edit: I’m not saying this is good design, just the way I’ve observed that it works.

Agreed. I don’t see mine on the wall much longer. Disappointed Wyze can’t bother to comment. Shouldn’t have to play the " I want it to be 68 in here so I’m going to set it on 64 + 3 degrees minus 6 divided by 2 on every other Sunday.

Would be really tough to travel and explain to someone how to use the thermostat.

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I also bought the thermostat for the “Differential Temp” setting, and the “Minimum Run Time” setting. I don’t see either of these settings as options in the app.

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