5 degree spread in heating/cooling setting for wyze thermostat

The way the wyze thermostat settings work are honestly very disappointing.

I have it set on “max comfort” which offers “very accurate control”. However it doesn’t seem to change anything. It still has a 5 degree spread in the temp range you can set it to.

I thought it would work like this:
Setup cooling mode for sleep to 65, home to 72 and away to 74.
Setup heating mode for sleep to 65, home to 67 and away to 62.

But instead each mode (sleep/home/away) has a “heat to” and “cool to” that can’t be set closet than 5 degrees. This is fine for everything besides sleep, which I always want to be on 65.

I understand what they are doing here. They need the spread in case you have it on “auto” mode so it will switch from heat to cool. If they were set right at the same temp in auto mode, it would be a big issue. But even then, surely it could be set closer than 5 degrees. Many companies offer 2 degrees for this mode.

I would love this see a 2 degree spread, which I would be unhappy with, but ultimately find acceptable.

I would love even more to see different profiles for heat and for cool mode that you could set however you wanted if you were willing to manually switch your unit from heat to cool. Which i am happy to do.


I’m returning both of mine if this isn’t fixed. I’m makes zero sense to me. I don’t care if my unit had to heat or cool, the temps where I live can be 53 degrees one day and 78 degrees the next. I want my house 71 degrees no matter what. Instead I’ll always be too hot or too cold.


3 degrees is the industry standard.

Hypothetical Temps: Heat 70 | Cool 72

Say you’re running in heat mode to 70 degrees, the thermostat gets satisfied and cancels the call for heating. The furnace/air handler continues to run for up to 90 seconds, thus circulating the hot air from the heat exchanger/coil (heat pump). The temp rises to 73 degrees during this time, your thermostat says “HEY, it’s 73 time to turn on the a/c”. The a/c kicks on and cools the house to back to 72, now your Coast to Cool kicks in and continues to run the blower after the compressor turns off continuing to lower the temp to 69. Now your thermostat says “HEY, it’s 69 time to turn on the heat”. Then this becomes an ever going battle between the two. Not only does this affect your compressor due to short cycling, but also wears on your ignitor, inducer motor, etc.

Tap on “Controls” in the Wyze app and tap “Hold”, this will leave the system on whatever temp you want.

I agree 100%

My point is that I don’t want a thermostat that has a heat to and cool to. I understand a range of temps are inevitable and have to accounted for. It can be programmed to accommodate that behind the scenes. What I don’t get is if I want my house 71 degrees, I have to pick heat to or cool to set it at that temp. Nest has one temp, from what I can tell Honeywell smart thermostat and ecobee do as well. I image they are built smart enough to not constantly fight with themselves to keep the temp you want. If it heats to 68, it may run over 1 or 2 degrees. Maybe it doesn’t kick on until it drops to 65. Same on the 73 temp setting, which may mean my house temp range can be from 65 to 76. If I set it to 71 and behind the scenes it adjust doesn’t kick in until 68 or 74, I would understand that too, then the overall range is 6 degrees instead of 11. Maybe it doesn’t work exactly like that for Wyze, but having two temps to manage heat to and cool to isn’t simplified to me. It is a hassle and one I’m willing to return these and buy a more expensive thermostat to fix. I’ve been holding out for this product from Wyze and maybe I got my expectations up to high.

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I agree the temp range was not expected, still deciding how we like this process compared to the single desired temp setting. originally i thought this smart thermostat would know the outside temp \ forecast and know if it needed to switch to heat or cool, so the single temp set it and forget it would apply,


I agree with you and if they don’t fix this, I think I may be forced to return. Do you know if the Nest thermostats work that way:

I thought it would work like this:
Setup cooling mode for sleep to 65, home to 72 and away to 74.
Setup heating mode for sleep to 65, home to 67 and away to 62.

One of the reason I wanted a smart theromstat was to be alerted if one of the systems was running abnormally long(ie. AC working too hard) to help find issues with the HVAC.

Do you know the return policy?


Welcome! (See Wyze Support Pages)

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I love this thermostat and all of their other devices so far, but I’m with the others that if I want my house to be 70 degrees year round wether it’s hot or cold outside. That’s my decision to make and expense to pay If I run my appliances to much or have to repair them.

If they don’t change this with an update then I will be forced to return this thermostat and go back to using the honeywell thermostat that I have been using which leaves me stuck using multiple apps again.


I’m coming from a sensi thermostat that uses the temp range settings for scheduling which didn’t bother me so the dislike for it surprises me. I always thought it just gave more flexibility to control the temp to handle both ac prefs and heat prefs in the same schedule.

I don’t think I’d like a single setting though, I need different set points for heating in the winter and cooling in summer and it seems like a single point would require manual changes to accommodate that which defeats the point of having a smart thermostat for me.

I wonder if this is something that could be solved by using a hold to lock the temp?

The hold and lock are available, but like JBB said, if I want my temp year round to fall between 69-72, then I should be able to. Also, the ability to choice a default heat or cold setting for the time of year. With a smaller temp differential, I wouldn’t want the AC coming on if the house got above the range. ViceVersa in the summer if the house cooled down too much. Now the safety measures should override those settings, but those are set to a more extreme condition ( 50-80is)

Install the wyze again a couple days ago now that the cold is gone for the moment. so far for just A\C under wyze doesn’t seem to react as quick as the old honeywell.

before if i set the A\C to 72 the honeywell would kick on once it got to 73, and kick off once to 72, and sometime yes it might hit 71 after it kicked off for a minute or two.

now if i set the A\C to 72 with wyze, it doesn’t kick on until 74 or 75 and then is cools to 70 or 69 before it cuts off.

i have tried the slider from savings to max comfort and no difference. on schedule or hold still the same.

we have one wyze on the 1st floor and one on the second floor, but it doesn’t seem to let us cool both floors at the same time, anyone else have similar issue?

I was struggling to figure out why i couldn’t set the AC lower than 74, but now understand that since i have set heat to 69, that’s the 5 degree difference. I had a Lennox thermostat that allowed a smaller range and allowed schedules, but wasn’t network enabled - which is why i picked up the Wyze.
I agree that we should have smaller ranges than 5 degrees!

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Hey, at least it’s 5° for now. With the 4° overshoot, at least the a/c isn’t kicking on…:wink:

I just looked at how my Lennox works - it has a 4 degree spread. I never noticed before, but when i lower the ac to the preference i want, but it automatically lowers the heat to keep the 4 degree spread. that’s a nice usability feature

This is a pain in the butt if you ask me and not very user friendly. I turned off the auto and it still shows 5 degree difference. Frustrating


I’m dealing with this too. And the spread not auto adjusting is very frustrating. I have to keep moving my AC temp up so I can raise the heat. @WyzeGwendolyn please tell me they are going to reduce the spread and make it auto slide.

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Also struggling with this. My 20 year-old Tempstar thermostat has a min spread of 2 degrees. It also adjusts moves the heat and cool setpoints up and down together. During the transitional seasons (spring, fall) I will have to be constantly adjusting these up and down to maintain comfortable setting. Might as well have a completely manual system.

These two things are a deal breaker for me. I will be returning both of my thermostats unless I can be convinced that this will be resolved in the app very soon.

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Man they need to fix this bad! I have to adjust my thermostat all day during the fall and spring when the temp goes to 40 at night at 75 in the day. I have woken up many times sweating my butt off in 72 temps. So stupid. Love this company. But this is effecting my sleep and comfort working from home. Fix this now. Let us out our own range.


I would love a fix for this as well. I will just deal with the loss and buy something different. It is a software fix that can be up to the user. 5 degree, 3 degree, 2 degree. It would be in the users hands.


I agree. 5 degrees is too much and you can really feel a difference as it goes up and down when there’s a 5 degree spread. I’d very much prefer to be able to pick a single number and choose the acceptable range it allows around that number for auto mode. Is there anyway we can we get this topic moved to the Wishlist section for voting?