Thermostat - question about Temperature Preferences

I just finished installing the Wyze thermostat and it’s working great.

There’s something I’m not completely clear on with the Temperature Preferences.
I feel like it’s done in a way that your preferences cover summer and winter, which is great, but it also seems like I can’t hone in on a temperature that I like.

During the cold months, I like the house to heat to 73º when I’m home.
During the warm months, I like to cool the house to 71º when I’m home. Obviously that would logically force the heater and cooler to be on between 71 & 73…but I’d be happy with heat to 72º and cool to 73º, but the schedule forces a 5º separation. Heat to 73 and cool to 78. That’s way too hot for summer. Cool to 73 and heat to 68, a little colder than I like during the winter. Either way I’m not really satisfied with at least one of the temps (cool to or heat to).

Or is the intention that you change these settings seasonally?

I feel like there’s probably a larger piece that I’m missing that ties this all together. Any help is appreciated.

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Great question, there is a 5 degree difference. This is to ensure that your HVAC system doesn’t continually short cycle which could cause issues. I had an ecobee and it was 4 degrees difference.

one of the things you can do is not use the Auto and simply use the Heat or AC.


That makes a lot of sense.
And yeah, that’s a great solution, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that.

Thank you.

It would be nice if they would give you 3 sets of Temperature Preferences. 1 for Heat, 1 for Cool, and 1 for Auto, because I’ll still have to change the temperatures seasonally…which isn’t a big deal, 1st world problems! lol

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I believe there is a WishList item for this. You could find it and vote for it as well.

It would be nice to make it user setable, but with an acknowledgement that setting it lower than the recommended is on us as the consumer.

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