Thermostat Schedule Problem

I want to set my Thermostat to 72 degrees. If it drops below 72 the heater should come on. If it goes above 72 the air conditioner should come on. I tried to do this in the app but it is telling me (pop up box) that they have to be 5 degrees apart. I am super confused. This feature was the only one I wanted. Is this not possible with the Wyze Thermostat? Right now I have it set to it heating to 67 and cooling to 72. That is way too cold (67). But it is the only way that I see to set the air conditioner to 72.


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Wyze set a 5 degree temp difference between heating and cooling. This is to prevent heat and cooling from fighting one another. Most thermostats are set to 3 degrees, not sure why Wyze chose 5 degrees.

Ok I guess that makes sense. Thanks!
One more question. Can I delete schedules all together and just adjust in manually? I dont see a way to delete the schedules. I unchecked all the days of the week but when I get down to the last day it wont let me uncheck it.

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I’m not sure on deleting the schedules, but you can tap on “Controls” on the main screen and tap “Hold” to permanently hold it at any desired temperature. That would be manually controlling the temp.

Oh really? Hmm. That might be a fix for me! Cool. I thought hold meant it turns it off.



I really hope wyze allows us to adjust it down to 3 degrees.

Or to create separate profiles for cool and heat.

5 degrees is simply to large for me and I’ll need to return it if they don’t adjust this.


I agree. Here is Houston it can be 75 during the day and 45 at night this time of the year. I find myself having to adjust the cool temp to 75 so I can get the heater to come on and keep it at 70 during the night. I missed one day and woke up to a house that was 67.

I also wanted to delete the default schedule. I was looking for a delete button with no luck. So I decided to change the schedules. For example the default has a home and away schedule. I wanted to do away with the away schedule. There was no obvious way to delete the away schedule. But when I changed the time to match the home time, the app automatically only kept the home schedule thus deleting the away schedule. The app also came with a weekend and weekday default. I wanted to delete the weekend version. With no obvious delete button, I decided to add Saturday and Sunday to the weekday schedule. The app then deleted the weekend version. Not a typical user experience but the app won’t keep conflicting schedules so that’s the route to deleting as necessary.

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swipe left should delete.


Agreed, we need separate profiles no matter what. I will not use auto in freezing conditions. My HVAC guy said it will ruin the air conditioner.

… on the schedule list screen