Thermostat schedules

I have a nest. Worst thing about is that you cannot have multiple schedules. By that, I mean, I want to have normal schedule, vacation schedule, working from home schedule…etc. Not just one schedule. Sure you can override the schedule, but that sucks if you need to keep doing it.

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In the specs on the Wyze Thermostat description it described the built-in scheduling.:
“Scheduling to program your thermostat for one week, each individual day of the week, any group of days, or a few hours at a time.

Auto Switch

Wyze Thermostat sets the temperature based on where you are, automatically. Auto Switch uses your phone’s Bluetooth to switch between your Home and Away preferences whenever you leave or enter a 3-mile geo-fenced radius around your home”

I left your post here since what you describe does seem a bit different as you seem to want larger blocks of time

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re: Auto Switch

The app show me as “being away” all the time, even though I’m not

I am unable to turn the Auto Switch on in the settings. It just shuts off right away

The firmware version shown in Device Info is 1.1.1

When Autoswitch is disabled (and actually regardless of Autoswitch settings), allow the ability to have a separate schedule/settings for cooling and heating. I know when I went I want A/C or heat - I don’t need that level of automation especially if it means that the unit may switch back and forth between A/C and heat in the same day. Maybe this level of automation is inevitable but at this time I still want to be able to have this level of control.
I had an HP smart thermostat that had the “smarts” to determine that if I wanted the house house to be at a certain temp at a certain time, it would start the hvac prior to that time so that the house was at the desired temp AT that time. Trouble was the learning phase - thermostat would cycle hvac 3-4 hours prior to set time! Had to disable that “feature”. I know that if I want the house at 70 at 7am then I should set the system to come on 6:45am, and if it is a particularly cold day I can deal with the fact that the temp will be reached at 7:04am.

You need to add the ability for heat only or cool only scheduling.

To simplify, in the winter when I only want heat the schedule should control heat and i can pick a temp based in the time of day (and possibly home/away/sleep). In the summer, I want to similarly set the ac to cool.

The temp range setting is a negative since a single range is either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

I never had a chance to respond to this post. I saw someone posted today and reminded me about it. tomp, nothing new there. Bluetooth and Geofence are off topic.

The schedules you are referring to are old school, needs to be more dynamic. I don’t like fiddling around with thermostat schedules, don’t have time adjusting it all the time, that is what you got with what you described. I have the wyze app on phone, thermostat probably has a decent microcontroller in it. Couldn’t you create multiple day schedules, then swap those into a weekly schedules. If for some reason, schedule is not right, for a particular day, I swap out the day schedule, week schedule that is set continues and repeats. Something like below.


Week Schedule_Work_HomeMT_OFFICEWTHF
Week Schedule_Vacation

Winter home. Just need it to to run a couple of hours in the AM then go off. After all, that’s why I purchased it.

Set temp to 115 at 9am for example. To effectively turn it off or at least have it turn on only if extreme conditions exist. Winter home or vacation feature.

Thermostat Calendar

We need to extend the functionality of the scheduling with the thermostats. We have these installed at locations that are used only specific times, but might be something like every other Saturday from 9am - 11am. We would like the ability to set on / off times for a month at a time OR longer and have the thermostat follow that schedule. Currently it is very limited in its ability to do anything like this and cannot be really set more than a week ahead of time which requires continual maintenance.

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