Follow The Schedule

Installed 2 new thermostats, one upstairs and one downstairs. I cannot get them to follow the schedules I have created. I just want it to follow the schedule and not try to figure out who is home, asleep or whatever. I work pretty close to my home and I think it is trying to say I am home when I am not. Is there a way to make them just follow the schedules by the times I set and forget about the “modes”?

Sure. I assume you are using “Away” as a designation in the schedule. If so, just turn Auto Switch OFF in settings. Then it will stop using a 3-mile Geofence and the motion sensor on the thermostat to determine when to switch between Away & Home.

It is still using something else to set my temperature other than the schedule. I have it set to 82 upstairs during the weekdays. If someone is home it will switch to 80 upstairs which is now not following my schedule but instead using the home temperature in preferences. How do I get it to ignore anything except the times and temperatures I set in the schedule?

Auto Switch is off and never been on. I just don’t know what the thermostat is using to decide the temperature setting. I will be at work and it says I am at home, using that setting. Sometimes I am at home and it says I am asleep using that setting. I have 2 floors and set the upstairs to 82 (away) during the day. I go home for lunch and go upstairs for a moment and it will switch to home temp and stay there. It is so frustrating to not be able to just set a schedule and have the thermostat follow it.

Post a screenshot of your edit schedule and temperature preference settings, maybe there is something there we can pick up on