Thermostat: Can you turn off schedule function? Plus, says i'm Away, when I'm Home

I recently installed my Wyze Thermostat and started trying to dial in the settings, but i’m having some trouble. I feel like there are contradicting settings…

I have Auto Switch turned off, and I changed all of the Temperature Preferences for Home, Away and Sleep to the exact same. Above 68 and Below 73. Even though I have Auto Switch, I need getting notifications that the app shows i’m away, so puts my home in away mode. Well, just because i’m gone, doesn’t mean that my wife and kids are gone. And for my 1.5yr old son, 60 degrees is WAY too cold for him to sleep at night!!! My wife and I woke up one night, and the house was 60, while 32 outside. I was home and apparently it thought I was gone? Even with Auto Switch turned on… This is really irritating!

Just now, I thought the house seemed cold and I look, the thermostat is set to 60, and it is 65 in our home. So I look into the schedule option, and there are a bunch of settings that show “Away 60 80”, So not only did I changed the Temperature Preferences, and keep Auto Switch off, the default schedule has to be changed as well? So comes my question, how do I turn off the schedule? It lets me uncheck all of the days, except for one… I don’t want a schedule, just a set temp, that does not change, unless my wife or I change it! Do I need to go into morning, day, night, home and away under schedule and change all of the temps to the same for the Winter, then again in the Summer? I work from home/remote. We only need to keep the temps down, when we visit another state for weeks or months at a time, to conserve energy. Not when I run to the store… LOL

I am sure someone else may chime in with something more attractive by way of setup, but here is how I have mine set.

Home and sleep only. S-S

You can delete state schedules by left swiping the state to only have one state and it should run at that temp.

Or totally delete the schedule by left swiping the schedule and hit delete button.

In doing so the thermo should run at the temp you have set.

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First, set your Temperature Preferences. All to 68/73 (heat/cool), or whatever you prefer. Schedules are based on these.

For me, Home is what I want it to be during the daytime, Sleep for what I want it to be during nighttime, and Away for what I want it to be when I am away.

Next turn “Auto Switch” Off.

Now set your Schedules. You set summer and winter together. The minimum temperature (heat) is what you want winter to be. The upper temperature (Cool) is what you want summer to be. The range in between is the temperature range where the house will coast, and not heat nor cool.

First I set my daytime. I personally have mine start at 5 AM. So Sun-Sat, Home, 5 AM, [72/78 for me, 68/73 for you]. Then I set my sleep time. Sleep, 11 PM, [68/75 for me, 68/73 for you].

If you want to be a minimalist, I suspect you can just set a single block that is Sun-Sat, Home, 12 AM, 68 and 73 degrees. Then you would always be home, with 68 for the heating temp and 73 for the cooling temp.

You can also optionally set your Advanced > Safety Temps to 68 and 73. Then even if your Thermostat is switched off or if it is disconnected from the Network, it will maintain these temps.

My Safety Temps are actually 50°F and ‘none’. If I had live plants in the house the upper range might be 80°F. But like I say, you can set those to 68 and 73 if you like.

Below is how my schedule looks, but for simplicity you can also just set everything to Sun-Sat, Home, 12AM on, 68/73, Auto Switch OFF (with preferences set the same, so if it switches, you are still covered).