Thermostat independent Heat and Cool Schedules

I know this has been asked before, but Wyze, can you please add in this functionality
I too prefer to keep the temp fairly constant during the day and to lower the heat or cooling when we go to sleep.
We dont use the auto function, but prefer to change the setting from Heat to Cool based on time of year. Currently because of the 5 degrees between Heat
and Cool, I find myself changing the temps of heat or cool at each season change in the schedule
My suggestion for a future enhancement to the software possibly:
Can you add addtional States - “Home Heat Only”, “Home Cool Only”, “Heat Away Only”, “Cool Away Only” and finally
“Sleep Heat Only” and “Sleep Cool Only” or something along those lines
These would be individual states to allow a single temperature change for either Heat or Cool based on which Mode your currently in ( Heat or Cool )
Then you could create a schedule based on “Home Heat Only” or the others listed above.
This would allow those who prefer auto to work as it does today, and those that prefer to change from heat and cool would allow for greater flexibility
Please something to consider for a future update