Wyze Thermostat Temperature Preferences

Wyze really should give detailed operating instructions. This is a really basic question, but its confusing how its setup as is right now.

When I select the “Above” and “Below” settings what exactly does that mean? For example on my Home settings when I select the values for “Heat to” and “Cool to” what does it mean? Right now its set to Heat to 68 and Cool to 76; does that mean the heat will kick in when the temperature reaches 68 degrees and the AC/Cooling will kick in when the temperature reaches 76 degrees?
Also, How do I set a simple Auto setting for temperature? Ex: If I want it to maintain a stable temperature of 74?

Hello @Eph97 and welcome to the community.

The ‘Heat to’ means (in you example) it will heat to 68, and ‘cool to’ means it will cool the temp down to 76.
As far as your other question my unit is heat only so I am not sure how you would achieve that.

Trying to future this out too. I want to sleep at 70, but I can only figure out a 5 degree range. But that kinda doesn’t cut it. If I do 68-73 then my kids are cold at the bottom of the range and I’m burning up at the top ends :man_shrugging:

I having issues setting the temperature preferences I set the heat to 71 and save then I set the cool to 70 then save at this point the heat goes to 67 so I’m I miss something here?