2.18 Release Candidate 3/2/2021


  • iOS: 2.18.16(1)

  • Android: 2.18.15

New features:

  • None


  • Fixed a setup bug for Wyze Thermostat

  • Fixed a bug that caused the EQ Settings to continue displaying when Wyze Headphones were disconnected

  • Fixed a pinch to zoom abnormal display issue on Android when recording Playback for Wyze Cam Outdoor

  • Fixed a bug causing the live stream to show 3/3 while playing

  • Fixed an Android bug preventing all Wyze Video Doorbell Advanced Settings switches from working

  • Other bug fixes


Having an issue installing this update with test flight

Auto installed in IOS.
Have 1 outdoor plug in an Outdoor plug group. Switching on in the group, switches on both outlets. Switching off in the group, switches off only 1 outlet.
Cannot still install the latest beta FW .83.
This could be Outdoor Plug FW related.

Installed on Android without issue. Current testing seems to be stable. The only issue I have and it is in another Forum is with my Notification settings under the Account / Notification area. If I set all the Email notifications on, they will turn off after a few hours.

The bug that Ive been posting about since December is fixed in this release!

Im so happy I might cry.

What bug?
I’m still stuck on Android 2.18.12

Exactly, what bug??

I was hoping the Thermostat “bug“ was about Stage-2 heat, but it’s not. Wishful thinking!

Why call out a thermostat bug fix?? You’ve fixed more in prior app releases and never mentioned any specific fix. Just leave it in general “bug fixes” or tell us what it is specifically.

Remember, “smaller more frequent updates!” Let’s go Wyze!

GAD! That is not necessarily the solution. 2.18.12 came out 2/24/2021, A week ago, There were people still stuck on 2.17.31.

And with Wyze it is often fix something, break something.

People being stuck on an older ver may have more to due with Google then it dose with Wyze sadly. Google has some stupid roll out at times.

Good point. My statement was missed directed given this is the app thread. I intended this for the thermostat firmware which hasn’t had a release in over 10 weeks and is still on the initial release. Do something.

When you viewed an event video through a notification it wouldnt let you view any other event videos no matter which you clicked on. Is finally resolved with this update.

Also happy cake day!

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