Wyze Plug Outdoor Firmware Beta Test 8/16/2021




  • Added a pop-up message when the connected WiFi strength is low

  • Added a status message during firmware update


Installed without issues. Will do some basic testing.

Lucky you. Mine is showing that I’m current at
And yes, did a force stop on the Wyze app - did not help.
Tried on both iPhone ( v2.23.23 ) and Android ( v2.23.21 ).

Is that showing up for you on release app? I’m not seeing it on release or beta.

Did it on my Android which is still Beta – Will check the iOS and Report back.

I test on both Android and iOS – it is a sickness :slight_smile:


On my iOS, I went into the Account Option, then selected Account, then Checked Beta Program and all of the Devices were listed. I then went to the Firmware update menu and the Beta FW was listed, showed Up To Date as I installed via the Android.

So I would expect you can, as long as you still have Test Flight loaded.

Must be a staged/limited rollout…nothing show up on Android beta or not for me as well as IOS.

I did mine through the Firmware Update Page. However, sometimes, you need to do it through the device itself, have you tried both?

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I have tried it both from the Firmware update page and from the individual plugs. Still telling me that I am current with version

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Yeah… I tried it on device page as well with same results. I’ll keep checking the next few days.

I updated my Plug Outdoor to through the firmware update page also. Used the production 2.23.21 Android app to update with Plug Outdoor checked as a beta test item.


My iOS app Version is 2.23.23 and Android App Version is 2.23.21. Wonder if it is relate to that,

Probably not… K6CCC is running the same app versions.

Ahh… ok

Going to wrap my plug in HD foil to simulate poor WiFi signal if the rain ever lets up.

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Sounds like a plan. Mine is indoors, finishing up some other things, will test soon.

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Ugh… wrapped in 8 layers of HD foil with a thick steel stock pot over it and only lost 1 bar of signal strength. Going to hope for no rain tomorrow and run a 100’ extension cable out away from the house. :+1: If that doesn’t work, I’ll dig a hole. That’s better than attenuating the WiFi and messing everything else up. :grinning:

Do you have a fire safe or something like that? It may act as a Faraday cage.

I’m not a big believer in those bars on any device. Can you still command it? If the signal bars are lying, then having the software trigger off them won’t be worth much. :slight_smile:


Yep, still turned on and off on command. It started with all bars full, lost no bars when wrapped and lost one bar when wrapped with a pot over it. I’ll get it tomorrow.


Installed with no issues on Android as well.