Wyze Plug (2021) Firmware Beta Test 4/27/2022



  • Improved network stability issues and overall connectivity performance

  • Fixed a bug that caused Wyze Plug (2021) to go offline regularly

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Firmware updated without issue. Will monitor and test.

Hello all beta users,

Please upgrade the CFH plugs to the new beta version The new build fixes the offline issue in the last beta version Basically, the offline issue was due to buffer overflow. The plug always run the rules check mechanism every 6 hours, ensuring the programmed rules can be executed correctly in the next 6 hours. The process consumed more RAM space than planned randomly. The new version fixed the issue and we expect the connection can be improved as a result.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Best wishes,

Xiaolong Chen


Thank you for the update. Will monitor.

thanks @Xchen . Thanks for the explanation as well. We will monitor and let you know.

The installation was flawless, thats a great thing. :slight_smile:

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Installed on 4 plugs

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Upgraded 6 of mine… upgrade went smooth

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This is great news! An overflow makes sense because they all seems to go offline the same amount, just out of phase.

I tried signing up to become a beta tester using the steps below, but the app is not detecting a beta version available. Still say .179 is the latest. Tried doing the beta update from the Update Firmware page, as well as each of the individual Device Info pages. Also hard restarted the app.

Am I missing some steps? Couldn’t tell if the Flight Test app was required.

Also, would you like to link to this post as well?

After you sign-up for Beta and get the App, you will need to go to Account>About>Beta Program. From there click Edit and select the devices you would like the Firmware for. Then click save. It should become available in a bit after that


Need to select “wyze plug CFH” not “wyze plug”

Just scroll a bit further down the beta list.

Brig Campbell

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4 CFH (2021) Plugs updated from to

Thank you for the detailed explanation. thumbsup2

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Thank you all for sticking with this and being BETA testers. If things are stable for a few days, do you think this will be made available for general release or is the plan to wait 2-3 weeks to ensure that members of the BETA program do not have any unforeseen issue prior to making this a general release?

Personally, I would prefer the later.

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That was it, thanks! I swear I scrolled through the list multiple times looking for a second instance of Wyze Plug and didn’t see it.

Wish these were in alphabetical order.

Installed on four CFH Plugs.

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I had the same issue before, but in EDIT you need to score down a few more pages to see the plug CFH choice. After I selected it, I could see the beta firmware update right away when I return to my device page and I have updated two of my plugs now. Good luck.


Just did the update on the plugs to beta 1:2:0:206 on 9 of my plugs 8 in use and one spare. Got my Fingers crossed.


Any hope for an update for the older Pre 2021 plugs?

Mine are still staying connected with this latest firmware. My older pre CFH plugs have been reliable for a long time now.

My two plugs are described as “Wyze Plug V2” installed 9/24/21 Is that Wyze Plug 2021?

One of them exhibits the frequent off lining you describe. Its firmware version is The indicates it is up to date and thus, will not update to …206.

If …206 will fix the issue, I’d like to get the update.
What to do?

1 day and counting all looks good so far.