2.30 app RC, Wyze Cam v3 & Plug(2021) firmware Beta Test 4/6/2022

Others, myself included, haven’t been able to install 199. I haven’t been able to find an announcement either since the update became available last night.

Most users wait until Wyze makes a beta topic for the release version before installing. You can install if you see it, but you won’t know what it includes. Sometimes the version is pulled back before an announcement is made. Sometimes the unannounced version bricks the device. :open_mouth: If is a valid beta release, Wyze will create a new topic for it shortly.

When you load a version, test and find issues, need to submit a log file with the correct category and as much info as you can provide. You can attach screenshots and videos to your log if you think it will help the developers. After submitting, post the same info in the associated version announcement topic with the Log ID #. Wyze doesn’t usually have time to reply, but they do see it and retrieve your log. Sometimes devs will reply in the forum topic requesting more info or additional logs.

Also, Wyze Customer Support does not have access to or info for beta endeavors. The only time we’re directed to support for beta is when we have problem hardware that Wyze either needs returned for analysis or Wyze determines you need replaced (unintentional brick). This is usually on a case by case basis and Wyze will either make a post giving us direction or contact us via PM.

1 Like Beta, attempted to upgrade on two of my four plugs, fails on iOS, also fails on Android.

Hello Spamoni4,Seapup

Thanks for your feedback, We have fixed this issue and will be fine on the official release.

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Really appreciate the feedback on this.


Thank you for the heads-up. :+1:


Thanks for your feedback, Brig_campbell. We will look into the log to fix the issue.

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Hi Chris,

Sorry about the confusion. We don’t plan to release the firmware for now. is the current Beta version.

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New issue. Created two time lapse videos on two different V2 cameras, one running production and the other running RTSP firmware. I tried to download the videos but they won’t complete. Making things more annoying, I can’t delete the file or portion of one that appears on my iPad. I also can’t save screenshots since one of the videos is in my photo library and I can’t delete it there either. Running app 2.30.0(a7), firmware 4.98.1002 and iOS version 15.4.1. Log 541825.

Download never started.

Another plug offline today. Firmware, iOS app version 2.30.0 (a7). Nothing is fixed.

Update: second plug offline today. Log 544078.

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Strange… your post is 12 days old and I just received the same update notification. My beta Android devices are running beta app version 2.30.0 (b126) and update is for

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I am hoping the new Beta is released soon. It was supposed to be, but now I am seeing that 2.30 will be prod soon.

And yes, wonder why it took longer for you to see it.

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Thanks for all.

We found an issue that caused the plug offline. The dev team has already fix the issue and the new firmware is under testing. We will release it ASAP after it pass the internal test.

So sorry about any inconvenience.

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I have a 2021 plug that has been working until today when I had to reboot my wireless router. Now, I have done a factory reset on the plug, deleted it from my account but I cannot add it back. It never connects, just a fast blink of the light. Log # 552665.

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This is why I hate trying to send things to support. Opened a ticket regarding the plug and this was my response. How can I update firmware if I can’t connect the plug?

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Your ticket (1994849) has been updated. To add additional comments, please reply to this email.

40x40 Neill T. (Wyze)

Apr 24, 2022, 4:08 PM PDT

Hi Bill,

Thank you for reaching out to the Wyze Wizards Team. My name is Neill. I will be more than happy to help you with your Wyze Plug.

I understand that you want your Wyze Plug to be working, and my apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. No worries, let’s work on this together so we can help you get your Wyze Plug up and running.

We appreciate you for doing the troubleshooting steps and submitting an APP LOG. Please note that app logs are sent directly to our engineering team to use towards improving future app and firmware releases. These logs cannot be accessed or followed by our support team. We’re working on developing a process so that we can track these logs but it’s still very much in progress.

This request will be closed as we are unable to offer any further troubleshooting. Keep an eye out for future app and firmware updates. If the issue persists after those updates, please continue to submit logs so that our engineers can continue improving our devices.

Thank you for being the best part of Wyze!

Best regards,


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40x40 bill

Apr 24, 2022, 3:57 PM PDT

I have a 2021 V2 plug that will not factory reset and then allow reconfiguration and connection to my wireless network. It was fully configured and working but stopped after I had to reboot my wireless router. Log file #552665.

This email is a service from Wyze.


How about updating support and those of us who have opened tickets vs silence for months?

Neill T. said:

…No worries, let’s work on this together so we can help you get your Wyze Plug up and running…

…This request will be closed as we are unable to offer any further troubleshooting…

How is that working together?

I came here looking to see user’s experiences with Wyze products as the garage door device looks interesting.

I’m afraid that despite the good prices and rapid replies from support there are problems with quality.

I’ll keep checking in, but no purchases today.

In case you all have not seen it, there is a Beta Firmware update for the Plug 2021:


Okay, 206 installed

Brig Campbell

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