Wyze Plug (2021) Firmware Beta Test 4/27/2022

Still working over here too.

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More than a week and all 4 plugs are still connected! This is a good fix!

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@Jake-a, the firmware here is still in Beta, so you can either wait for it to be released to production (in which case it will finally show up as an update to you), or you can allow Beta firmware updates for the 2021 Plug. Since Beta is a land of uncertainty, you may want to turn off Beta updates for the 2021 Plug after you grab the update.

To get this Beta update:

Go to the Account tab > About > Beta Program > Edit > Add “Wyze Plug CFH”. CFH = “Certified for Humans”, and is the 2021 or V2 Plug. With that selected, hit Save.

Do not hit the “Leave” button when you come out of the item selection area. Use the back arrow in the upper left corner.

Then go back to your 2021 Plug on the Home tab, and you should be able to update to the new firmware.

If you don’t want to continue to get Beta firmware for that model of Plug, then go back to the above and deselect it.

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I wonder when this update will be pushed out for everyone? I’m glad they are taking their time on this.

Mine have been solid since this firmware was released and I’m sure you saw the complaints I had.

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With yours that go off-line, I am curious of the following:

Are they grouped together? If so, check the IP Address of the plug against other plugs and see if the plug shows the same IP.

Here is why I am asking. I was looking at mine and noticed that two of my Plugs were reporting the same IP on them. I looked at my router and they were different IP’s. The faulty one had an IP which did not match the router.

One plug is consistently on, the other frequently — usually— goes offline and will not restart without being unplugged for a time and replugged. Part of the problem may be a weak WIFI signal in that the offending plug is in the garage and the friendly plug is in the kitchen. Though they are only about eight feet apart.

So I am curious about the difference between two plugs bought at the same time. I will check the IP addresses. The plugs are not grouped. Thanks.

14 days with 4 plugs and no issues.

I’ve had horrible cable internet issues of late and the plugs find their way back online.

Hi Jake what firmware are you using now? I have all 8 of mine on Beta they have been working 12 days with no problems. 2 of mine are also in poor WIFI reception area’s both only show 1 bar. I have not had any of the plugs go off line that I know of. all of my plugs are in 1 group so I can look them and shut off and restart all at once or whichever ones I need to. I’m keeping my fingers crossed


My two plugs are updating as I write this. They are now using, whereas before they had different FW, but both were reporting they were up to date. Strange when they both came in the same box.

We’ll see if they both now work as intended. Thanks for your interest.


Each plug has a different IP address. They are not grouped.

Meanwhile both have just updated firmware to They still have differing IP Addresses, though I do not know if all devices have unique IP addresses.

We’ll see if they now both work. Thanks for your interest.

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That is good to know. is the latest Firmware. I will be adding my plug back, I have had it removed from the app for a few days now.

Not sure why the two plugs had the same IP, but the one which reported one IP and the router had a different IP for it was the one having issues. :slight_smile:

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