Possible to install beta software?

Hi Everyone, I am currently a beta tester for a different Wyze product so I have the TestFlight app installed already. Can you tell me if there is a way to install beta software for other products, specifically the Wyze Robot Vacuum? I have contacted Wyze twice about seeing if I can get added with no reply. I would LOVE to be a part of the WRV for a variety of reasons so I was hoping there is a way to install the beta software on the device even if I am not in the beta program (yet). If not, anyone know of a better way to request to be added to a beta? Not looking for free hardware, just want the latest software on the device. Thanks!

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Welcom to the community @yarzy

To do a FW Beta Install, do the followin gin the App:

  • Go to Account
  • Go to About
  • Tap on Beta Program
  • Top Right, Click Edit and the Check all the devices you would like the Beta FW for.
  • Click Save and Backout to the Account Menu
  • Go to the Firmware Update Menu and you should see the Beta FW for the devices you selected.

Oh man! You are the BEST! Thank you so much!!!


Thanks, BTW: some of the FW may not show up in the Firmware Update Menu option. Going to the Device itself, then the will sometimes show you the update to install.


If I want to provide feedback, is there a specific channel I should follow since I am running the beta software?

The best place to provide feedback on Beta software & firmware is in the announcement thread for that software and firmware. Basically you can just search for the software or firmware version, or look at the newer posts in the beta section.

That is a good place to post log numbers on problems you encounter as well.

An announcement thread looks like this (RC = Release Candidate):


Thank you once again! You were so much help!

I’m sorry, I do have one more question. Will the Wyze beta App update via the app store automatically or do I need to force an update to the app?

I think it will update via TestFlight automatically at some point, but there is clearly a delay. So if you run TestFlight periodically you should be able to see if an update is available.

The Beta app does not come thru the Apple App Store, which also will update apps automatically, also with a delay. With both you can pull-down-to-refresh to see the current list of apps to update, then update whatever you like.


There is a flag to automatically update which should already be checked. You can disable it if you wish.


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