2.16 app beta test 12/2/2020


  • iOS: 2.16.11(3)
  • Android: 2.16.12


  • Added support for Wyze Video Doorbell

  • Added support for Wyze Thermostat

  • Added support for Robot Vacuum

  • Added support for changing the Wyze account email

  • Added support for Beta Program

  • Added the Home Monitoring tab

  • Updated the Account tab UI

  • Added support for Wyze Cam v3 to record videos when triggered by Wyze Sense

  • Bug fixes

***** FYI for iOS users, the TestFlight version 3.0.0 has support for automatic updates. Enabling it will auto-update your Wyze test app to the latest version. *****

Beta Program FAQ

  • What is the Beta Program?

Beta Program offers a simple way to let Wyze users who are interested in early access to new features or product updates join the beta testing. After joining the Beta Program in the Wyze app, beta testers can access the beta app and beta firmware easily. There will be in-app messages that prompt updating on the Home page when there is a new firmware or app version available.

  • How do I join/leave the Beta Program?

Wyze app users can find the entrance of the Beta Program in Account → About → Beta Program.

  • How do I choose the products I want to test firmware on?

When enrolling in the Beta Program, users can select the product type they want to use test firmware on. Testers who already joined the Beta Program can change the enrolled products through the Beta Program management page whenever they want.

  • Do I need the beta app to install the beta firmware?

After joining the Beta Program, it’s not necessary to have a beta app installed before accessing beta firmware. Beta testers can update the firmware with any app version in their hands. Please note that some features and changes will require a beta app to function properly.

  • Why do I need to opt into the Wyze beta app in TestFlight/Google Play Store after enrolling in the Beta Program?

We are using TestFlight and Google Play Store to distribute the Wyze beta app. To ensure you have access to the Wyze beta app, you need to sign up for the app distribution platform separately. We offer the opt-in link after enrolling in the Beta Program to make it easier.


@WyzeAndy, I beta tested the thermostat. The app is showing it as offline and it isn’t. I’m able to control it though. Firmware is up to date.

FYI this brings back the floating log button but it can be turned off in settings/app settings

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I’m not seeing it in IOS.

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Two things,
On the beta page its not showing the correct version number and suggesting an update because of it (i assume 2.16.999 is an alpha build.)
Also on android the update button launches in an in app browser (which wont be logged in to google). This link will trigger it to open directly in the play store instead.


Using Android 2.16.12 here. In the “Account” menu in the app, nothing is visible any more except for the Cam Plus logo and the “Account” submenu with a smile on it. Everything else has become invisible.

The “Account” menu items are there - when I tap in the blank space, those submenu items like “Firmware” and “Security” do open up. I just cannot see anything.

Just upgraded mine and no Beta update. I’m on IOS 14.2. Maybe some issue there??
I just went thru and picked projects for Beta. Maybe that will trigger it? I’ll check later.
Floating submit log button is there.

Sorry about that, do you still experiencing this issue? Can you submit a log and let me know the ticket#?

Thanks! @WyzeChuan

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I am seeing it now! I don’t know what was going on. I didn’t see the feedback button showing up at first ether.

Yes, it is still going on. I have submitted the log. The ticket number is 67796.


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I am having a issue, I am unable to download the newest beta version on Android. I currently have 2.15.51 and I have tried to unistall and re-install the app. I have not found a way to get the new version 2.16.12 to show up in the Google Play Store. Any suggestions?

The only version that shows up is 2.15.51.


@WyzeAndy and @WyzeChuan it’s working fine now! Thanks!

The new event notification seems to be persistently saving a variable it shouldnt.

If you open an event notification and the event plays, and then you hit back (goes to events tab in app) and select any other event, the first (notified about) event plays again. Backing out the second time you get only that one event on the events list.

Dragging down to refresh the events page before tapping fixes it. (I assume this clears it)

Am on android.

This bug persists on 2.16.14 though it seems there is no forum post about that version. Log file 72960 though Im not sure that will show anything based on what the issue is.

For some reason I still have Person Detection (pilot) and Emergency Button (pilot) under services.

I’ve tried unsubing all my cameras from person detection, logging out, clearing the cache, uninstalling, using the production app, but the Person Detection (pilot) still persists. Any help?

Edit: I’m on android.

Person detection pilot is the legacy pay what you want service.

The Emergency Pilot ends in March and then that will go away.

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Is anyone else having issues with motion sensors not reporting status or connecting with 2.16.14? I have one of my motion sensors that stopped reporting on the 11th and nothing seems to be working to get it working again.

APK Mirror, just installed on Android 7.0.

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