Did I get removed from Beta?

My Wyze app just updated. Like 2 mins ago and now it seems that it took me out of the beta app. Has this happened to anyone else? And why would this happen?

Im now looking at the v2.2.38. Also is it possible to make a pinned topic with the latest Beta version and changelog. Im not seeing it anywhere really.

Hello @Urbnized, you can download the latest beta version Here.

And this is the latest beta versions notes, they are posted here in the beta fourm every new release from @WyzeRoy.

I was already in the beta program. What I am saying is that with an upgrade it took me out of the program or got me off of the app somehow and went to the regular app. Might be some glitch.

That’s why I linked you to the page where you can redownload the beta app and get rid of the broken one.

I think the BETA has ended … and the Official Released version is now being downloaded to systems. Another beta round will start in three weeks I believe.

Im kinda just seeing this. But I thought the beta was continuous for the new features being developed. I didnt know it switched back and forth.

Just saw this today.

If they are ending it they should say something like app launch this date. I mean we already have the features. If we know what the app launch is going to be or they dont switch us back and forth it would save some confusion. Maybe. Im not mad or anything I was just like did I just get kicked from the program?

Also wouldnt be a bad idea to have a pinned to the top of the forum the current app versions. Like pin Current App Version information to the top of the forum page. For both the regular app and the beta app. And then the beta one can post the small changes too. Like going from to or so. And then list the changes there too. Fixed this fixed that. Just status information.

Just a thought.

The A/B testing isn’t actually the most recent beta update. But Roy does post about beta updates in the Beta category. You shouldn’t have been kicked out of the beta testing. In that case, please follow the instructions to join again. We still want to work with you! :slight_smile:

Here are the current beta app versions:

Android 2.2.30

  • Support individual camera access for grouped cameras
  • Removed the individual camera access in Home page if it’s already in the camera group

iOS 2.2.35

  • Support individual camera access for grouped cameras
  • Removed the individual camera access in Home page if it’s already in the camera group
  • Fixed some issues may cause the app to crash
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I know, I’m confused too because I asked the same question this am in the Wyze App 2.2 launched thread and was told that I should “upgrade” from the beta app to the publicly released App. Oh well, As long as we continue to help, I’m good … albeit confused

WyzeGwendolyn, the publicly released IOS version on April 3rd is 2.2.40. Are you saying that Beta testers should continue to use the beta version 2.2.35?

I checked with the team and we’re currently planning to send out another beta version next week. You can go to the release version if you would like but we’ll be updating yours fairly soon. :slight_smile:

So it did kick me back to the regular app… I thought so… lol Its ok not mad. Just curious. BTW just applied for Hardware tester. CANT WAIT FOR THE WYZE BULB… But also need to figure out how much they are going to cost. 33 light bulbs in the house that are already LED. But these would help tons. Hopefully not too expensive.

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That’s so weird! Glad you caught it so quickly. Thanks for applying to help us with hardware testing! :smiley:

Wyze Bulb is gonna be awesome and we’re super stoked about it. Rest assured that we’ll continue to keep the prices as low as we can for our customers. :slight_smile:

I think I was the one that suggested going to the production app for now. But I could have been more clear and explained more about why I said that.

My thinking is that the production release on the heels of the current beta is slightly newer and so there’s a chance that small beneficial changes are in there that are not in the current beta.

My suggestion was only to go to production until the next beta is released and then switch back to beta. Switching between production and beta is pretty easy on iOS. You just download the production app and use it. When the new beta comes out, you just install it from TestFlight when notified.

The process of switching back and forth may be more difficult on Android. If that’s the case it may not be worth switching.

The thing is it didn’t even give me a choice. It just did it for me.

I had the beta app but when the production release came out yesterday, I went to the app store (Android here) and it had an update, so I updated and now I’m on the production version because there’s no new beta version yet. In the app store, it still says I’m a beta member. I presume that when they release the next beta version and I update, I’ll then go back to the beta app. I’m sure that’s the same thing you’re seeing.


It is. And that’s why it confused me. Cause I had never seen it before.

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To me (Android) there were immediate benefits. Every time I started up the beta and selected a cam it would boot me out of the app and then when I came back in it was fine.

But is there any thought of making it easy to revert to a previous version like we can do with the firmware?

How do you apply for hardware testing?

Hello @Mos_Jeff, you apply for hardware testing on the same page you signed up for the beta from. Here’s the link.


Thank you, after checking the page I realize I have already filled out that form a while ago.