A/B Test for Beta testers on iOS

We need your help!!! We are doing the A/B test on iOS to improve the connectivity, no user faced feature changes. We split the Beta testers into 2 groups and provide different versions (2.2.24, 2.2.25) accordingly. No matter which version you are on, just use it normally, it will help us collect the connectivity data for comparison and verification. Thank you for your help.


Sure, what do I do?

No problem. How do we know what group we are in, or do we? My app version still shows 2.2.18

My app in TestFlight also still shows 2.2.18 not sure how to participate in the AB testing.

Some of the Beta testers may not receive the 2.2.24 or 2.2.25 version, sorry to any confusion, for comparison, we did not involve all the Beta testers to the A/B testing. Thank you for your understanding.

I just opened the A/B test to all Beta testers, please update the version you get and help us verify the connectivity rate by checking the live stream of your cameras. Thank you so much.