IOS App Verisons

The app released on the App store lists it as V1.2.60 and the current Beta test is V1.2.48?? is that the most current beta test software, is it a version less than what is in the public release?

1.2.60 is the current beta app (at least on iOS). Same version in the app store currently. There was a temporary rollback to 1.2.48 for a few days a while ago. That’s probably the source of confusion.

The download via test flight gave me 1.2.48 and it had not updated. went into the app store its 1.2.60 so I downloaded that. strange??

Same. I go into Test Flight and it shows 1.2.48 is the latest. On my iPad, not using Test Flight, I am on 1.2.60.

Should I drop out of testing the app on my phone so I can get the latest app?