Beta App vs. Current Production App

I am still running the beta app V2.13.16 from testflight (ios version), However is this still useful (helpful to wyze and useful to me) and any different then the now current (2.13.21) production app offered in the app store? Or am I now behind the curve? I’m hesitant to switch over as my cams with PD (until 10/8) and sensors are working well.

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It is up to you as far as what you want to run but as far as I know currently the most up to date app is the production app, a new beta has not been released yet.

Edit: Looks like right after I type this a new beta was announced

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Thanks for the quick response Jason. I think I’ll just wait to see what the new beta is about.

Here is the post about it

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Just to let you know, if you leave the bata (on IOS) you probably won’t be able to get back in!

Think I’ve got my answer that the beta app is alive and well. The timing of legacy PD and intro of cam plus confused me. So for now - the way I’m understanding it is that I will stay in the beta app to help work out kinks and progression of new features. but that my pilot person detection will disappear even though on beta come early October (Unless of course I commit to subscription of cam plus or if I’m part of the legacy PD.) :kissing_heart:

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Hmmm, TestFlight app doesn’t offer me the option to update iPadOS Beta app to 2.13.32. Only offers option to open what I already have, namely 2.13.16 (1). What am I doing wrong? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: changed iOS to iPadOS

Same for me actually. I updated the firmware for my cameras but no option in testflight to update the the beta app that Jason mentioned above.

Same for me.

@WyzeJasonJ @jlreese @Brlepage About 15 minutes ago (12:30 pm MDT) I received a notification that the updated WyzeBeta was available in TestFlight

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My iPad does offer me the TestFlight option to upgrade to 2.1 3.32. However here’s what I think the problem might be.
I run production app on my iPad and data on my iPhone. My iPad will let me upgrade but phone won’t.
Oops - as I’m writing @milehiguy‘s post pops up and it is now available on both.
However, this one is simply named Wyze, not WyzeBeta. Be aware it could cause problems if trying to run both on one device.
Wish they wouldn’t do that.

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Hmmm, on your iPad launch the Wyze app. Then invoke the app switcher. When I do this, it does display “WyzeBeta” above the app thumbnail (in the app switcher).

Edit: I DO wish that within the app itself, on the Account/About screen, it would also indicate that I’m running a Beta version

Just got it, thanks!

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