TestFlight 1.2.48 (1)

Again just received an email stating Wyze app 1.2.48 (1) is available for testing and the iOS app in the App Store is 1.2.60??

Hi, depending on our development cycle, we may or may not release TestFlight beta apps. If you see the App Store having higher version of apps than Testflight (this is less common than vice versa), please use the App Store version.

FYI: we just released V1.2.72 for public and V1.2.74 for beta.

How do we get access to iOS beta?

What features does the beta include or improve on? I’d like to know before I install this new firmware.

Our V1.2 updates are usually updated at https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/v1-2-apps-updated/ thread. When we publish V1.3 beta, we will create a new thread. We will also update at Reddit, WyzeCam Core Users Facebook group. Thanks!