New Beta App Version for iOS?

Is a new iOS beta in the works. The release version is newer than the last beta version and plays nicely(er) with iOS 13 so I have not gone back to the beta. Testflight still shows 2.4.50 (2) as the version available for testing and the current release version is 2.4.73.

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I hadn’t even checked to see if the release was newer than the beta. I assumed a bit more of an active beta program. I’ve been frustrated with the beta on iOS 13 for weeks. Thanks for inquiring about this, as I wish the beta team communicated/released more often.

I just tried downloading the beta and it’s still missing icons, text , etc.

Doesn’t seem to be much activity at all for the various products. Might be spreading themselves too thin with the multitude of projects in the works.

I think it’s more a case of they worked really hard to get the Bulbs/Sense/Plugs out and those were the priorities. But I imagine we will see app development pick up soon. Just curious if anyone knew when.

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Yeah, it’s a tad frustrating. I dumped the beta version and just back to using the one from the iOS App Store. The beta version is useless since most of the menu items text and not visible. Would be great to get an updated Beta version that works with iOS 13 beta.

why do you need a beta version? AFAIK, there isn’t currently anything being tested in Beta.

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Well, being part of the beta test program, you’d expect have a version more current than the one offered to the general public. The TestDrive app is pushing 2.4.5, the released version is 2.4.73. You can’t tell me they’re not already tweaking or updating code on newer versions. It seems they’ve not been monitoring the version the beta program is sending out. The version in the beta program doesn’t work correctly on iOS 13.

that’s why they posted in the Beta Facebook group that iOS users should be using the public version. I’m sure they are working on stuff, but it obviously isn’t ready for beta yet. There’s probably at least 2 other stages before beta.

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iOS 13 should be being heavily tested. But other than that I don’t ever “need” a beta version. Just curious is all.

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I switched back to public version and it does work better than beta, at least so far. Kind of nice actually. I’ll switch back when another beta is announced but I feel like I’m kicking a dead horse with this already tested beta.