How do I get removed from the Beta Program?

I uninstalled WyzeBeta, and installed the Wyze app from the App Store, but it installed as the WyzeBeta version. I want to leave the beta program. How do I do that?

From the app, Account - About - Beta program -“leave”

Does that work for you?


That did work. I’m assuming you didn’t mean for that to be snarky; signing up for the beta was not that straightforward, so I assumed leaving the beta program also would not be straightforward.

Nope, just wanted to made sure it worked. When I was apart of the beta program in the past, it had been a link I clicked in a wyze webpage that I clicked and it removed me from the program (that was a while ago). When I went looking for that link for you I saw that the instructions had changed.

Also just wanted to make sure to get feedback so folks seeing this in the future get fill circle info that the instructions worked for someone. :slight_smile:


Why can’t SIMPLE things like this be put in an easy searchable PROMINENT Fact thread.
The darn programmers switch so much around between builds that a lot of us get lost.

Hasn’t moved. Account, About, Beta Program. HTH

[quote=“Omgitstony, post:4, topic:259057”] I saw that the instructions had changed.
Instructions had changed


Question: If I wanted to leave the beta program, what would happen to the cameras that I updated firmware on under the beta program? The firmware update number on these cameras is later than any of the non-beta firmware updates.

Would my cameras with later (beta) firmware just stay on that version forever or would they eventually be caught up to by the regular program firmware updates and then just sync up?

Those cameras on beta firmware will still upgrade to the next regular public production firmware whenever it is released publicly. :+1: You don’t have to do anything for that. You can also choose to have some devices continue to run beta and some devices use only public firmware. If you want to unenroll those cameras from beta, go to the account tab → about → Beta Program → Edit → Deselect any device models you don’t want to get new beta firmware updates (they’ll still get public firmware updates) → Save

If you ever decide you don’t want to wait for that, you can always manually flash your cameras back to a public firmware using an SD card. If you ever decide you want to do that, feel free to ask anyone, or just Google “Wyze firmware flash” and that page will come up.


@carverofchoice: Thanks, good info!

One more question about the beta app itself, tho…

My reason for leaving the beta program (at least temporarily) would be because the app is misbehaving. If I remove all of my cams from the beta, would I then be able to download the non-beta app? Right now, when I look in the Google play store, I see only the beta app available.

Thanks in advance :+1:t3:

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When you leave the Beta program it will register with the play store and you will only have access to the production release version on the play store.

There is no need to remove your cameras from the app.


Perfect. Thank you! :+1:t3:

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