How do I get removed from the Beta Program?

I uninstalled WyzeBeta, and installed the Wyze app from the App Store, but it installed as the WyzeBeta version. I want to leave the beta program. How do I do that?

From the app, Account - About - Beta program -“leave”

Does that work for you?


That did work. I’m assuming you didn’t mean for that to be snarky; signing up for the beta was not that straightforward, so I assumed leaving the beta program also would not be straightforward.

Nope, just wanted to made sure it worked. When I was apart of the beta program in the past, it had been a link I clicked in a wyze webpage that I clicked and it removed me from the program (that was a while ago). When I went looking for that link for you I saw that the instructions had changed.

Also just wanted to make sure to get feedback so folks seeing this in the future get fill circle info that the instructions worked for someone. :slight_smile: