How to opt out of beta firmware releases?

So I was using the beta app for a while, but I reverted back to the App Store version. But I can’t seem to opt out of beta firmwares and I only have the ability to update any of my wyze products with production firmware. How do I opt out of beta firmware?

Its in your app settings

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I know you’re in production, and I don’t currently have a production app to verify this, so maybe someone can chime in on that, but in the Beta app I go to the Account Tab, then the About option, Then click on Beta Program Then click on Edit and I would then de-select any devices I no longer want to use beta firmware and click save. Now those devices will only update with production firmware. You should check to see if you are able to do that in the production app (you might not be able to).

If that is not an option in the production app, then you probably just have to wait for a new production firmware release, and it will always only update to production firmware from then on.

For cameras there is always the option to “flash” the firmware back to a specific firmware, but I would recommend only doing this in moments of desperation, such as if you are actively experiencing a severe issue with the functionality. Otherwise I would just wait until the next production firmware release and you’ll always just get those from then forward.


That did it. Thanks!


That’s great! Thanks for checking back to let me know so I know to share that with others in the future to help them too. :slight_smile:


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