Question about joining beta


I am thinking about joining the beta program and have a question about it.

In the event, a beta update is released that causes the product to brick, Would that product be eligible to be replaced even if it would be out of warranty? I would love to help report bugs, but I don’t want to have to buy a replacement every time something goes wrong. It is one of the things that is preventing me from joining.



You can be selective about what kind of devices are running Beta firmware. For example, I have most products open to Beta firmware, but I specifically exclude some like my Hub from Beta firmware.

There are times/examples where Wyze has replaced devices (even ones no longer under warranty) that stopped functioning properly due to beta firmware, but other times I believe they have not done so when they were out of warranty. I cannot give any reliable way to know when this would be done, so I absolutely would not count on it. If your device is out of warranty and you can’t afford to just write it off and not care, I would recommend excluding that device from Beta just to be safe.

Another thing to take into account is that if you are running beta, sometimes Wyze official support will tell you they can’t really help you with Beta and you should talk about it in the beta forum threads instead.

Beta brings a lot of risk, if that is concerning, I’d stick with production.


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