2.18 app Beta Testing 2/24/2021


  • iOS: 2.18.12(2)

  • Android: 2.18.12

*** iOS app may take up to 24 hours of review time to be displayed on your device ***


  • Added support for Wyze Bulb Color

  • Added support for a detection zone for Wyze Video Doorbell (firmware update required)

  • Modified the map drag range for Wyze Robot Vacuum

  • Added Wyze Support in the Wyze Robot Vacuum Settings page

  • Bug fixes


2.18.12 is not showing up as a download in the Android Store. Never had this issue before. I have seen others have had this issue on other releases. Any suggestions?

that will be MUCH welcomed!

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Are you able to get the App Update?

no. it hasn’t shown up yet. not a big surprise. it usually takes a bit. I just wait patiently and picture puppies and clouds

Ok. Thanks. Thought I missed something.

Received the update in my iOS device. However, still have not received the update for my Android device.

Question: Has anyone tried doing the update via the Wyze App as it shows in there under the Beta area.

I am not seeing it myself, I tried on a couple devises.

@WyzeAndy, I would like to test 2.18.12, but it does not appear to be available in the Google App store. I did get the one to my iOS device, but would really like it installed on my Android device.

Please let me know if there is something going on which is precluding us from getting the next Beta App. Or, do you recommend installing from the actual Wyze App as it does show in there.

Please provide guidance.

@WyzeGwendolyn, hope all is well with you. Can you provide any information on the latest Beta App for Android? Seems as though It is not in the app store as available, at least on my device and a few others as well.


Yup not showing on android still

Just tried to do the update through the app. Got to the page and it said I was a beta tester. But did not see a link to do the install.

I do not see the update on Android yet as well.

I also don’t see the update yet for Android. Not a big deal, but all the other updates I’ve been able to download right away. I’m sure it will be here soon enough! :grinning:

I just downloaded this update.

I was able to update, the bug relating to being unable to tag AI improvement submissions remains.

Got the Beta and running through a battery of tests. First out of the gate, my notifications were not as prompt. I ended up clearing cache from the app, Performing a Force Stop on the app from the Phone itself and also emptied cache there as well. Went back in, tested all Camera’s and Notifications kicked in again.

May have been a fluke, but figured I should post it.

is there any status update on the bug where if you tap a notification, view the event, and then go to the events screen, you can only view the first event no matter which one you tap until you refresh the page? It appears the app is saving a variable that should clear once the first event loads, so it should be a simple fix.

It’s been an issue in Android since at least December (2.16) and is still an issue in 2.18.12
(below link will backtrack to when it originated and includes multiple log file numbers)

let me know if you need further info.

Thanks for all you do! :slight_smile:

I am seeing some significant delays as well. I will try your suggestion to see if it improves for me too.

I have the latest beta On Android. However, I am not getting the firmware update for the doorbell.

Hopefully it worked for you as well. Curious if you also ran the ADB command or did something else?

Vacuum kicked off on its Clean cycle this morning - so far so good… Knock on Wood… :slight_smile: