2.17 App Beta Test & Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware Beta Test 1/15/2021

2.17 App Beta Test

App Versions:

  • iOS: 2.17.11(6)

  • Android: 2.17.6

What’s New:

  • Added support for Wyze Sprinkler

  • Added support for Wyze Watch 44 & 47mm

  • Added support for the Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight

  • Added a motion detection zone & record sound toggle for Wyze Cam Outdoor

  • Added support for changing the name of Wyze Headphones

  • Added product categories to help users find their device easily during setup

  • Added support for Device and Device List widgets

  • Optimized Wyze Doorbell, Plug, and Plug Outdoor setup UI

  • Improved Map & Virtual Wall functions for Wyze Robot Vacuum

  • Fixed a bug that caused Wyze Band to connect instead of Wyze Watch devices

  • Unified the device/platform feedback & support experience

  • Bug fixes

Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware Beta Test

Firmware Version:

  • 1.6.95

What’s New:

  • Matched a server-side authentication update

  • Updated the device time sync implementation


If I scroll down in a view of cameras the app freezes on iOS 14.3 iPhone 12. I’ve replicated it in 2 different camera groups.

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I experienced this with the production version as well. I did a reset on the phone to ensure things are removed from memory. since I did that, everything settled down and is working well now.

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This is am impressive list - Kudos to you all.

One question though, I noticed you indicated “Made vehicle & package detection available to all Cam Plus users”, but I don’t see it. Where can I find this option?

I installed the beta app and firmware. I like being able to edit the rooms!

In the map editor, when you click the 3 dots in the top right, there are two options: Remap and Delete Map. What is the difference? It sounds like they do the same thing.

@Yichen Same boat… I see no vehicle or package detection with V2, V3, Pan Cam, or WCO, and I am a CAM Plus subscriber (Android Samsung Note10+).

Detection Zone on WCOs is super nice. I like the add.

Tested the Virtual Walls but I am not sure what the update is, other than I could add a wall while the WRV was actively sweeping, but something I never tried before the update… so ?

Glad to hear it wasn’t just me. I like the updates and things seems to be getting better. My Vac is coming soon, can’t wait to try it out.

Wyze vacuum still redrawing a ghost map outside the original correct map even after the latest firmware 1.6. 95 update. App version 2.17. 6

The new “Quick Mapping” feature is a winner. My previous map suffered from the inside wall issue that didn’t allow me to split rooms. I reset the map and ran the quick mapping option and it worked great. It mapped 1000sqft in 13min, without running the vacuum so was nearly silent, and allowed me to split and merge rooms the way I wanted. Great job with this new feature.

I know this is the beta app and Vacuum, but I have a question:

I have the Beta Version of the App 2.17.6. Was looking a the new UI for Contact and Motion Sensors. I clicked the Gear to see if anything was new in the settings area as well. However, I noticed that 2 of 3 motion sensors are showing Firmware version and not Also all of my contact sensors are showing as well.

They all seem to be working fine, but not sure why the version is incorrect.

Anyone else noticing this as well?

Thank you for the Widget. It has definitely made a difference. I would like to see the image icons of the product larger on the left. The products also do not showcase any additional information. There is a great opportunity to have the Thermostat show current temp, scale show last weight or heart rate, vacuum show charging status. Any and all this information would provide the user with time saved. As I still have to click in to see basic info that could be shown directly in the widget itself.

I would also appreciate the opportunity to show which products I want in the 4 and 8 option displays in the widget on iOS. Right now it takes the top 4 from my list. I would prefer the list be one way and my choices for the widget be another. I would rather not have to create multiple widgets just to have this organized and waste screen space on my device.

Thanks again for widget support.

As @jeffeone said above, yes the ghosting is still present. I have been messing around with it a bit and I think it only does it when something on your floorplan changes. Example: If a door opens that was not there when it originally mapped, it seems to get confused and think it is somewhere else on the map. Please fix this soon Wyze, but love the vacuum!

I’m having several problems with the Android beta app v2.17.6 on my Google Pixel 5.

  1. Cannot split rooms. “Operation failed. Please check your connection try again.” It doesn’t matter if I’m at home or away. I can start and monitor cleaning jobs, so I don’t know what the “connection” issue is.

  2. Problems with virtual walls. If I want them to be basically square to block off a larger area, then I’m fine. but I can’t resize them to be a long, thin “wall”. Once I drag to resize, I cannot move the “wall”. it will either disappear or increase to a much larger, random size.

  3. The “map only” mode that has apparently been added to the iOS app would be a very welcome addition.

  4. I’ve opened several support tickets via email, but no replies.

I can tell you the quick mapping feature is on Android (Note10+) because I just launched my app to do a area cleaning and my map was totally gone, and not removed by me, maybe the option is only available if you clear the map?

I would probably be frustrated if I weren’t using the beta app that my map was blown away on it’s “own”.
I have also found I have had to remap with each firmware or app update or the WRV does not clean some of the areas properly so the Quick map is well received for many reason.

Thanks for the reply. The screen shot says, “tap ‘Quick mapping’ below”, but there is no such button. Just the Clean button. Maybe I’m missing something?

So far, i haven’t lost any maps, but I read that others have. It took my WRV a few days to completely and correctly map my first floor, because it can’t clean the entire floor on a single charge even in “quiet” mode. That’s why the quick mapping function is so important.

Tap on the Words “Quick Mapping” or Clean button. To build the Map. The statement reads poorly, but when I click on the “Quick Mapping” the WRV started a quick map. I cancelled because I wasn’t ready but it did start to execute.

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