Beta App 2.17.6 (Android) and CamPlus

In the list of what is available with the Android Beta App version 2.17.6, it indicates the following:

However, I have not seen where this can be controlled. Anyone have an idea or was it not released for testing yet?

Account, services, cam plus. You don’t have these options?

Don’t have a doorbell yet. My Camera’s only shows Person detection.

In the CamPlus services area, I only see the Person Detection for the Cameras on both iOS and Android. However, on the iOS device, the following is seen - Notice the Vehicle, Person monikers:

on the Android Device, this is what I see, notice the different identifiers:

How do I get those selections… :slight_smile:

Not doorbell specific, I have those options on all my cams that have cam+. Android 2.17.6 here

That is what I am looking for… :slight_smile: How do I get that? Did you register for this somehow? I am on the beta version 2.17.6 and have all the latest firmware as well.

maybe try removing cam+ from each cam, then adding it back & power cycling

Did not work. When I got my V3, it added a trial license as well. Wonder if that is interfering some how.

This is what I see:

And this is what I see when I submit a video, notice no tags to select from:


Just reached out to Support, pleasant experience. They will be checking into the issue to see why I am not seeing the pilot options to CamPlus.

good luck!

Thanks. Hopefully it will get resolved. Told them, if it is related to the trial license of CamPlus to just delete it as I don’t need it.

I wanted to add that the doorbell screenshot I posted is currently under a trial license, so I doubt that’s your issue.

Ok. Well that shoots down my theory. Lol.

What version of Android are you on? I am onbuild RQ1D.210105.003

Just to narrow it down.

@Ken.S, one last question. Is it possible that it could be a permissions thing. I currently Have Location as allowed for the WyzeBeta App.

Hope I am not bugging you…

Android build RQ1A.210105.003

I doubt it’s a permission thing, I have all perms allowed. I suspect it’s a back end issue. When the AI testing 1st began, there was a signup so they added it to my account. Now it’s supposed to be added to all cam+ users, but u know how it goes, sometimes changes don’t happen as intended.

I know exactly what you mean. thanks again

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