Wyze app 2.27 RC, v2/Pan & Base station firmware Beta test 12/8/21

2.27 RC app:

  • iOS: 2.27.16 (5)

  • Android: 2.27.16

  • Added support for sharing Wyze Home Monitoring with people you trust

  • Fixed a UI issue when selecting Cam Plus functions in Device Trigger Rules (iOS)

  • Fixed a bug that caused Shortcuts to disappear (iOS)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Sunrise/Sunset time from showing for Wyze Plug Outdoor (iOS)

  • Fixed a battery display error for Wyze Cam Outdoor (Android)

  • Fixed a Baby/Pet Mode bug for Wyze Scale S (Android)

  • Fixed a crashing bug after payment failure (Android)

Wyze Cam v2 & Wyze Cam Pan :

  • Wyze Cam v2:

  • Wyze Cam Pan:

  • Stability improvements

  • Bug fixes

  • Overall camera performance and stability

  • Firmware update experience

Wyze Base Station for Cam Outdoor:

  • Security improvements

***** This is a gradual release and all beta testers will have access within 2 weeks. *****


No problems updating 8V2 and 3 PansV1.


Wow, thanks for the fast feedback. :raised_hands:


Updated 2 hours ago.:slightly_smiling_face:

meant for @WyzeAndy

Updated my v2’s seems to work well. Waiting for the Base Station update. I seem to be having the Beta App Issue with it being available to me again. Not sure what is going on with that.

Just installing and got 2.27.11 (5).

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Same here. No update showing.
Update: Just showed up.

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Same here on my iOS. Don’t see it on my Android either, but have issues with me being able to get the updates RC / Beta Releases from their for some reason.


Just got the Android RC App 2.27.16. Will be testing now.

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This is a great feature. I shared it with my wife and expected it show up like the camera’s and just work. It is prompting me to go through the complete setup which also requires me to press the pairing button. Is this the way it is supposed to work? I don’t want to lose my current setup and devices attached to the Hub.


I am working with Wyze on this. Seems as though this is not supposed to function this way. I submitted a log and some screen shots to show I shared and the share was accepted.

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Same, just got it.

Looking forward to test out the Home Monitoring Service. Hopefully they add multi-pin functions soon too!

I am testing the Sun Match setting for the v2 White Bulbs with this version of the app. It seems that the setting lasts one day. Is this how it is supposed to work or is the setting supposed to be permanent?

I also have an Alexa Rule to turn off the lamps via a Flic Button and even a long press on the button to turn the lamps on. Is it possible that the Alexa Rule could be causing the Sun Match option to be turned off?


Was now able to test this feature with my wife’s phone. I had to update her to the latest RC/Beta Version in orer for it to function. The sharing of HMS allows the individual you are sharing with to arm and disarm the system. However, no settings can be changed, nor can a seperate PIN be set.

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My partner doesn’t have the beta app. So I’d have to get him that and test it then. Are you both on same OS for cell phones? I’ve always had issues back and forth since I have Android and he has iOS. Maybe I’ll just wait until this clears beta to test out. Thanks for the info though!

No, I use Android 12 Pixel 6 and my wife uses an iPhone 13 with the latest OS. Hopefully you will have the same experience.

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I had an interesting experience with this firmware… I started to upgrade some cameras slowly… my home WCO + 4 cameras went fine… on remote site… 3 of 4 went fine but delayed #4 a day.

Not sure if this was because 3 out of 4 were on updated firmware and base was still on .37 instead of updated .43…

Anyway… 4th camera burned through a battery and like at 70% in a day and subsequently died.

I will have to try charging 4th camera after a reboot in a week when I am there and do last updates… it was an odd experience.

••••I do wish WCO could be rebooted on demand though. Consider it a feature request… it may not help but other cameras give you that option.


The display is incorrect (2.27.16(5) when you set the detection zone in landscape on iPhone 13 Pro Max. The same issue is present in the official release 2.26.21.





Thank you so much for posting this issue. I will forward it to our app team.


I Have an older Android phone running droid v 6.0 When I go to install Wyze v 2.27 I receive: This app isn’t compatible with your device anymore. Is there anything that you awesome developers can do for me?