Wyze App 2.17+, Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station, and Wyze Plug firmware released! - 2/24/21

Good morning, forum friends!

We have a lot of updates today!

Android: 2.17.41
iOS: 2.17.42
Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station:
Wyze Plug 2021 Version:

We have map bug fixes for Wyze Robot Vacuum, improve Wyze Plug 2021 version performance, and add support for automatically updating time zones for DST for Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station.

Read our Release Notes:


IOS scale on outdoor plug still not fixed

iOS version of the Wyze app restores functionality to iOS 9 users. Thank you! :+1:

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@WyzeGwendolyn I do not see this Android version available on the G Play store. My Android is still on v 2.17.7 and it will not update. My Wyze Band’s Activity data is no longer showing up on my phone’s app since 2/25/21 so something went wrong. My Samsung Galaxy S6 does not see a new Wyze app version. What gives?

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have updated to for Base station, still unable to connect via wifi with eero mesh system, have tried disabling 5ghz band, and that neither has worked :confused:

Google pushed it out this afternoon. You should see it now.

Still not seeing app in PlayStore.

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Once again, for no apparent reason other than they’ve been operating as designed far too many days in a row, and after another app update, a random 6 or 7 of my 10 plugs are all offline, requiring that I go around the house, unplug and re-plug them in. The reliability of your products is for [MOD EDIT], made even worse by the fact that your products mess with something pretty critical to our everyday, every minute way of life. [MOD EDIT]

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You going to release new firmware for the Wyze Band or just abandon that altogether? It’s literally an unusable product right now. Data doesn’t even display in the Wyze App. Your support staff told me to just try and get a refund from Amazon because they know it doesn’t work. What a disgrace.

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Can you give us some confidence this will fix the base station issues? Otherwise I don’t need to waste another hour troubleshooting equipment thats supposed to already work.

Edit: nevermind, you clearly only did a daylight savings time update on the base station. HARDLY the most important update needed right now…

Outdoor can still not functional. Have updated firmware on camera and base attain, removed asD cards, rebooted etc. rarely picks up person or car and when it does only records for 0-4 sec.

Submitted ticket days ago still no response

Still cannot split rooms well. Map shows my kitchen/dining/living area as one big room. I can split in half but cannot subdivide on what it believes is not an actual wall (aka the split I created by splitting in half). Very frustrating.

When can we see that fixed along with the ability to shut off that annoying voice and where is Alexa/Google Home integration?

The Wyze App v2.17.41 for Android finally fixed the recording from playback issue that many of us suffered when using a v3 cam. It was a long time coming, but I must say THANK YOU for the fix!