Wyze plug frequently offline

My Wyze plugs are frequently offline. They’re not too far from the wifi and one is out in the open; the other is behind a piece of furniture, but closer to the wifi. Also, the schedule function doesn’t work, which is the primary reason I bought the one behind the furniture. Are these things just poorly designed? I just bought them 2 days ago. All software and firmware are up to date.

I have both the older Wyze plugs and the 2021 Wyze plugs. Every since I got the 2021 plugs they have been going off line and either evenually they come back or I have to power cycle them to get them back. This has been happening several times a day. The old plugs seem to work fine. The firmware on the old plugs is different then the 2021 plugs yet they both say that they are up to date. There is no indication on the Wyze site that there should eb a difference in firmware between the two units. ??? I suspect that something is amiss. https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024852172-Release-Notes-Firmware

Same issue here, 6 new 2021 wyze plugs and they all go offline after a few days with their blue light blinking. The beta firmware doesn’t fix it. The vacation schedule still continues to run though and power cycling the router doesn’t help. My thermostat and 7 wyze cams are just fine on the same wifi

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I have a Wyze. Cam V3 and suddenly am currently having this problem of it frequently going off line. It happened twice today alone. I cannot count on this camera suddenly How do I fix it?

4/25/2022 Same issue with 2021 plug. I deleted it in “Delete Device”, added it back, setup Schedule, and after a few days, it went offline and blue LED was fast blinking. I repeated many times. The plug was well within range of my WiFi router (2 bars). I have 2 plugs behaving exactly the same. Why it is so unreliable? Once offline, it will never go back online regardless how I reset it. Seems like it has suddenly forgotten the WiFi setting.

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@WildBill Thank you very much for taking your time to reply. I hope the solution is coming real soon.

Fix for this in Beta Testing now. Should be pushed to production in the near future assuming the beta testers find it to be successful: