Wyze Plug Connectivity Issues with v1.2.0.179 and "Submit Log" Catch 22

I understand this topic is a duplicate to many others. I’m submitting a new post because I want to add additional information about the router configuration and also comment on what I believe is a Catch 22 issue with trying to submit logs. Would really like to hear from the firmware engineers on this on.

I had high hopes for these plugs, especially because the price point is lower than similar WiFi enabled plugs. I have purchased four of these over the past year and have become very frustrated with the devices over the past few months. Specifically, the plugs randomly lose their connection and enter pairing mode (slow blinking blue light?). I’ll often find the light on the front of the device blinking and the ON/OFF icon in the app replaced with a crossed out cloud icon, indicating the device is offline (or not detected?). I can log into my router and see that the device is connected to the router and has an IP address. The only way to fix the issue is to re-pair the devices back to my Wyze App/account. This defeats the purpose of having the plugs; when I’m away from home I cannot fix them. Ultimately, these plugs (probably their firmware) are not meeting my “reliability” and “availability” expectations.

Once I noticed that a device that entered this offline mode did manage to fix itself and recover. But I’ve only witnessed that once; don’t know if other devices have done that as well.

Currently using firmware version, which the change notes say fixes a major connectivity bug in v I have been in contact with Wyze support over the last few months (while using the 176 firmware) and have submitted logs for their tech support and engineers to review. I was really excited last week when I saw that they released 179. Unfortunately, it’s made the issue worse.

I have a fairly expensive Netgear router and I know how to configure it. I’ve tried allowing the devices to obtain an IP address dynamically, and I have also tried allocating static IP addresses. I’ve also tried different 2.4Ghz channels to make sure there was no conflict with nearby signals. Also confirmed that the 2.4Gz channel is at 100% power. All four of my devices are within 20 feet of the router. In the end, all four devices will randomly go offline one-by-one and require me to re-pair them to the account. All my other IoT devices on the 2.4GHz channel seem to remain online (or more likely, have firmware that is robust to connectivity issues).

I appreciate that Wyze provides a tech support phone number; I have used it multiple times over the months to try and resolve this issue. I’ve spoken with a supervisor on the tech support team, but they too are not understanding the issue. They have suggested multiple times to submit support logs through the Wyze app when a problem occurs. There are a few issues with this suggestion:

  1. I’m assuming the device event logs are retained on the plug itself. If this is the case, the only way to submit those logs is to go into the Wyze app, connect to your Wyze plug device, and submit the log. But this is a Catch 22 kind of problem! If the plug goes offline, I cannot connect to the device in the app to tell it to submit the logs to Wyze’s support team. The tech support supervisor claimed the logs are stored on your phone, which I think is very incorrect. My Wyze app is closed on my phone so I don’t think it’s downloading logs all the time. Also, if the device goes offline, it cannot communicate any additional event logs to my phone! So even if this were true, my phone would only have logs entries showing normal operation. The supervisor said that the logs on the device are cleared when it’s re-paired (reconnected) to the Wyze App/server. This means that the device does not have any log permanence. Bottom line, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the log entries from after the lost connection, so I question whether the logs are even useful!

  2. The supervisor recommended I write up as much information in the “submit log” request on the Wyze app. This is also frustrating because there is a very small character count allowed in that field of the app; it’s impossible to document enough information to be useful!

Wyze needs to address the following:

  1. Most importantly, the Wype plug firmware needs to be fixed to be more robust to lost connections. This should be a very simple thing! If the device loses its connection, it should NEVER enter pairing mode (slow blinking blue light?). Instead, it should be storing the WiFi credentials (and any other necessary credentials to make it accessible by the user) in EEPROM. When a connection is lost, it should indefinitely try to reconnect to the servers. Based on the symptoms in version and, there’s some timeout that causes the device to give up; this is a poor design!

  2. Make sure that the devices retain their logs in memory. Recommend a log rotation system that keeps logs for X days. Ensure that if the device loses connectivity (as described above), the device can be re-paired/reconnected to the app and server WITHOUT clearing the logs. This ensures that the user can reconnect to the device and submit the logs to the support team/engineers. These logs would clearly show what was happening the moment after the connection is lost.

  3. The Wyze app needs to be improved so that the user can enter a sufficient amount of information into the Submit Logs description field. Recommend increasing the word count a lot.

  4. The Wyze support system needs to have better feedback. When I submit a log, I’m told it gets to the engineers. But I’m also informed that I will never hear back from them. At some point, the engineers should be able to get on a call with willing customers to gather more information.


This relates to something I’ve asked but got not response on.
Where is the schedule stored also? On the device? wyze server? app?
Does the bluetooth come in to play for anything other than setup?

If on the App and the phones not on the network, schedule shouldnt work
If on the plug then it should still work even when off line ( but doesnt it just defaults to “on”)
If on wyze server and no internet then again schedule should not work, although I dont remember ever seeing internet as a requirement to use it. - and if it is the wyze server then shouldnt there be a flashing light pattern for “no internet” and another for no network?? or does the current “lost connection” light actually mean no internet and you could still be connected locally? OR does it mean disconnected from thier servers their servers?

Which schedule? On the newer plugs there is a local option which stores the schedule on the plug. Rules get stored on the servers.

I now see where it says the internet is not needed for using the “time of day” however when the plug looses connection it seems to also loose the schedule because the plug just goes to an on state.

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I use the plugs to turn on lights & devices as I enter a room and to control outdoor lighting. I agree, the updates are making things worse. You just know I like having to repair -8- plugs on a weekly basis. Many of these plugs are located in hard to reach areas and I thought they would be a one & done set up procedure

  • Not!

Thanks for your detailed comments about the Wyze plug disconnecting/offline issue. I’ve had the same problem with mine. The 2021 v2 version and have gotten tired of resetting it and trying to connect. The v1 plugs (I have 2) rarely disconnect. And definitely a catch 22 when trying to submit a log on an offline product.


Lord forbid that WYZE engineers/developers/teams address a bug on their own without the customer base having to submit countless logs. I can reproduce this issue with any WYZE plug I want with ease. Pair 4 plugs to your account. Now reboot your WiFi access points or router a half dozen times and wait for the plugs to reconnect in between each set of reboots.

Randomly the plugs will start having the issue. You can move the plugs to different locations and swap outlets if you want to go further and then repeat the test yet again. You will soon learn that it is totally random and the location does not matter.


Yes! I have noticed this. If my internet experiences any interruption, the Wyze plugs could go offline and never return. Funny how I have two other brands of wifi enabled outlets (who have not needed a firmware update in a long time) and a few brands of wifi cameras that never seem to have an issue.


I don’t want to Jinx it… but my plugs haven’t gone offline for a handful of days. Anyone else seeing improvements? I’m starting to think it’s an issue with their servers.

Never mind… all my plugs have once again one-by-one gone offline.

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There is currently a firmware being tested internally that hopefully will fix this issue

Thanks, Jason. Looking forward to a new firmware. I noticed the note in the change log that said it didn’t fix 176. Fingers crossed.

Any chance you could clarify how the logs are recorded in cases where the devices reset? Do logs persist on the device even after it goes offline and has to be re-added? I’m curious if any of the logs I submitted captured the offline event.

I am not sure to be honest, I just ship the logs up to the developers and I do not hear what happens with them, I just hear back when there is a potential fix. I know the plug issue is one that has plagued me also and I have been sending logs in also. Hoping this firmware is the one that fixes it.