Wyze Plug Outdoor Firmware Beta Test 3/28/2022


What’s New:

  • Fixed connectivity and offline issues
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Did the update on my Outdoor Plug. Installed without issues. Will monitor to see if there are any issues.

My four also updated without issue. I have seen connectivity issues once in a while, so anxious to see if that goes away.

Updated without issues, will report back if I get any issues.

Is anyone else seeing these Outdoor plugs go offline or have problems recovering from a router reboot without a power cycle?

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I have the same Firmware version and don’t seem to be experiencing the same issue you are reporting. My App Version is 2.31.0 (b137).

I have been clearing my Cache regularly or when I get a new Firmware or App Update, so maybe that is it.

Unfortunately not

Same behavior with switches on 3 different ISPs at two different locations using Android and IOS

Devices are pingable too

Yes, I’m seeing the same. I’ve had 2 Internet outages over the past few days. Plug Outdoor did not recover when Internet was restored. Blinking blue light, device showed off-line via app. Removed Plug Outdoor from power and reconnected to power to get it back online. Beta firmware

I guess I will post some logs for support if they are watching


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Log 569444

Log 576688

Log 576692

I have seen this happen before but have not had it plugged in for a bit as I do outdoor work but what was weird for me was it would just blink nonstop even if I repaired it, it would go through the process and then just sit blinking, but once I reset the router it would start working again, it’s really weird and I did notice this happened a lot after a power outage. Only device I have that experienced this behaviour.

I just had to unplug/replug my outdoor plug to get it to reset (showed offline).
Maybe they need to check to see if the outdoor plug has the same problem the indoor (2021) one had.
The outdoor one seems to go much longer than the indoor one did though (before they fixed the indoor one that is)! The outdoor version my have more memory on it!

Just too unstable for the use cases I need. I’ll update them as new firmware is released but moving over to Wemo outdoors for now.

I can also control the Wemos locally when internet is offline.

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