Wyze Plug Outdoor Beta Test 10/18/2022


What’s New:

  • Fixed a Schedules bug that caused schedule execution inconsistency
  • Fixed a Schedules bug so now all time zones and all days of the week are supported

Installing now. :slight_smile:

Updates successfully. Will start testing.


ok so I updated my outdoor plugs. all went well. I have one plug on a local schedule. well before the firmware update it was kinda following the schedule, just didn’t have the correct days. so after the update, did this yesterday, as i just started with beta testing, and i just happened to notice that the plug has been on i guess since i did the update. now it was not supposed to be on today at all. I manually shut it off in the app. i will redo the schedule and see if it works. the other plugs are set to come on either by person detection or sunset to a specified time. they seem to be working.

Update, this firmware seemed to fix the issue with the local schedule not following the correct days. So far the plug has been turning on and off as scheduled. so I believe issue fixed.

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