Outdoor Plugs Not Present in Beta Wyze App Firmware Update Window

Got my Wyze Outdoor Plugs today and setup went smoothly. I noticed that the plugs do not show up under the “Firmware Update” section present under under the Account tab. You can still select the plugs from the Home tab and update them individually though.

Wyze App: 2.17.21 (4)
Wyze Outdoor Plug Firmware: 12.0.73

Welcome @tusculumgolfer!
[You should submit a log for this!](Please join the beta group on the forums! This will place a wrench badge next to your profile picture and help others identify you as a beta tester. You can join with this link: Beta members - Wyze Forum)
I don’t have my plugs in yet so I’m unable to test this.
Anyone else seeing this issue?

Thank you for the suggestion. I just submitted the logs.

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I just looked, and that is correct. The Outdoor plug does not show up as an option in the beta firmware list. Have not noticed that before.

I received my Plug Outdoor a few days ago. Got it mainly for Christmas for outdoor lights.

What’s everybody using the plug for in the “off season”?

Same. You could also use it for year-round lights outside like pathway lights or those warm white string lights people hang up on a fence or deck rail.
I believe I also saw something about a pool pump too.

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Battery trickle chargers for some powersports equipment stored outside.

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I’m using them to control landscape lighting and a bug lamp I have in the corner of our backyard during the summer.

The fact that each plug is controllable is really nice too. I had outdoor iDevice switches earlier, and it was bulkier and you had to control both of the plugs together.

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Seeing the same thing here. That leads me to the question of whether it is intentional?

Is anyone else having an issue where their Wyze Outdoor Plug isn’t showing up in the Firmware Update screen? Just went to check to see if there were any firmware updates available and noticed big of them are not even listed on the Update screen in the app.

Already been mentioned. Go to each plug and you can check for firmware updates there.

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