iOS Beta 2.18.12 - Thermostat Update(s?)

New iOS Beta 2.18.12 includes Temp Differential, range from 0.5 to 3.0 degrees. Trying to ignore the typo. Quick scan didn’t see other enhancements. There may be in tstat set up, will test that later. Progress! (I hope!)

Went through set up. The home address step is more precise. Didn’t find a match previous, but now it does. BUT no update on how it handles Stage 2 forced air gas. Doesn’t activate/energize both W1 and W2, only W2 terminal and it turns my furnace heat off in test step. Not sure why they can’t insert a step in the Test that if you answer No to the current test step, it activates both terminals for a test step … we’d answer Yes to it activating Stage 2, and it saves that in profile. Let’s go Wyze, get the Stage 2 forced air gas working.

Don’t use this, so not 100% sure if this is new in beta, but Safety Temp now goes down to 35 and even “None”

These just popped up in the Android app today, though without the description for Differential temp.

I’m curious if this means the behavior slider now does something?

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i haven’t checked yet, but thought the same thing. did the descriptions change on the Behavior slider? seems less vague, but i really haven’t looked at since i realized the slider did nothing

I’m not seeing any changes on my end with the slider descriptions. I’m curious if it’s going to start adjusting the differential settings based on comfort now.

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Updated stat app. My largest (by far) concern was the temp swings were much too wide. Is Behavior the only place to adjust this issue?

Also, do we need to reboot the stat to load the app update?


behavior still has no effect outside of temp prefs from what I can tell but the new app update and firmware has differential under advanced options. It’s set to 1 degree by default, I think, but can go down to .5 degrees.

I haven’t checked the display yet but it was always off. At .5 degrees with a set point of 70 it seems to heat to 70.5 degrees but will read 71 degrees on the display.

Do you mean the Temperature Correction settings?

Or somewhere else? Thx

If you have the differential setting in your app it should appear on the same screen as the Temp Correction. It will be called differential. In my app it’s the setting directly above Temp correction. It’s an entirely different setting

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I have both an iPad and a Android 11 phone.

Do not see Differential on either.

have you updated App since new release a day or two ago? not sure if it came out with 2.18 production release. it’s been in beta for a couple releases now

OK, just updated the app, again, on Android phone. Found the all important ‘Differential Temp control’
under the "Advanced’ setting.

Thx for the help.

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