Tstat humidity differential or just inaccurate?

Now that humidistat feature is energizing the humidifier on/off when heat is called (beta app), I initially thought that the humidity sensor was inaccurate. I had to manually raise the set point 5% above the reading to get the humidifier to kick on. But in tracking with separate thermometer, appears the tstat sensor reading is accurate, while the humidity set point is set 5% above the reading to get it to energize … so, is that a humidistat intended differential? Or an inaccurate set point?

Updated: added the tstat humidity reading


I don’t have a humidifier attached to mine, but I did notice that the humidity reading was much lower than with my older Sensi Thermostat. I ended up increasing it by 5% with the offset in the app and it seems better but still under what the sensi reports.

Good to know. Appears my tstat reading is accurate to separate device (see new pic), it’s the humidity set point that has to be set 5% higher to get humidifier to kick on

Furnace set at 69 durning day with temp swings of 68.5 to 69.5, check. It is set to 67 at night with temp swings of 66.5 to 67.5, check. Humidistat is set to 33% and the humidity swings from 28% to 30% … huh? @Chuan