Thermostat and humidity control

  1. I just ran a new wire to my thermostat to get rid of the manual humidistat at my hvac unit. Is the only way to change the wiring to really reset the device and set it up again? That’s what I had to do, couldnt find anything talking about changing wiring. I ask cause ecobee knew when wiring was changed and prompted me to change my settings but nothing showed up on the wyze.

  2. When you are setting up a thermostat and it asks you what features your humidfier has… fan or heater. What’s the difference in the backend programming related to those?

  3. How does the thermostat treat a humidifier? In my old house with my ecobee I had a fan powered one and ecobee would turn on the hvac fan any time the humidifier needed to run, but it also didn’t ask me questions about what kind of humidifier I had. My new house I had to set up a undermounted drum humidifier due to space and the drum rotates whenever the heat is on normally, but I would be fine with it running the fan whenever it needs humidity even without the heat running. I just set it up today, but have seen no measurable rise in humidity since setting it up, it actually dropped. I do know it was running last time I checked it when the heat was on, but I have not checked when the fan is on.

  4. That brings up another question, is the fan mode ‘cycle’ the one that runs it based on your 20min or whatever an hour you set it to, or is that the ‘automatic’ fan mode?

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  1. Yes, as far as I know
  2. Where did it ask you for Humidifier type in setup? I haven’t seen that in setup (AND my humidifier call is always active, set point does nothing. I set it up so it runs when heat calls but that on the verge of sending too much humidity in house)
  3. Don’t know, can’t get that far where tstat is controlling humidifier properly
  4. Don’t know, don’t use cycle

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  1. Dissapointing - needs changed. Not very user friendly.

  2. After I reset my system and set it that the HUM is connected via the * terminal it asked me whether my humidifier had a fan or heat system with checkboxes and said check any or none or something like that. I’ll have to verify my humidifier is not running constantly, but I really doubt I would be seeing a drop in humidity if that was the case.

  3. It would be nice if we could get some wyze support on this question and figure out what’s really happening with humidity control.

  4. Fair enough :wink:

  1. Interesting. I don’t recall seeing that step. This may cause me to reset and setup again to see if I missed it, but I’ve been thru it 4-5 times … fun times!

Just for comparison here’s my info.

FW - 1.1.1
Model - CO_EA1
Plugin Vs - 1.0.2
Wyze app - 2.16.53


FW - 1.1.1
Model - CO_EA1
Plugin - ??
Wyze app - 2.16.25

I don’t see an update to app, is that a beta version?

Yeah, beta app. Maybe that was the difference… Plugin was at the bottom of the main settings page for the thermostat.

Got it. Good eyes

Plug-in - 1.0.2

Need to get in on the beta program! :+1:t2: