Humidifier Control

Anyone able to control a whole home humidifier? Mine runs when heat is called, but it won’t turn off at humidity set point. The * terminal is always energized and calling for humidifier. Support ticket is aging to 7 days. Just check with community again…

Did anyone ever figure this out? I have to shut off power to the furnace to stop the water. Then once the Wyze calls for humidity it never shuts off.


No, not yet. I have removed the Hum wire (asterisk) from behind the tstat when the temp is below 25 degrees. Back in above. But I also have the humidifier wiring so that only goes on when heat is called at control board (furnace has terminals for this. If Wyze (@Chuan) doesn’t fix this in first firmware update, I’ll be very surprised and disappointed. Hang in there.

Beta iOS 2.17.21 just came out and now has humidifier control. During setup it asked for type of humidifier (see pic) and now come on when heat is called and below set point. Nice! Strangely, it activates when 5% below set point and then off when 5% above. Oh well, evidence of progress.