Thermostat Humidity Reading Error

The humidity reading is completely wrong and is about 4% points off when comparing to separate device. I have tried to use the Humidity Correction feature and it doesn’t change the reading. In fact, it resets to 0% change after a few mins. Please fix! Thx! @Chuan

We just updated our humidity calibration curve in our 1.2.0 firmware which may cause problems for users who have a humidity correction in place. Do you still have this issue? If so, please give me an app log and we will investigate.

Yes. Still having issues between displayed % vs set point, and correction isn’t helping. Attached pic including separate sensor readings. Log 480717. Thx!!

My two thermostats accept the humidity correction with no issues. I do have a 2% offset in them so they align with a HRV control but I can’t say which is correct since I don’t have a humidity measurement device that is fully calibrated.

Sent a second log. 485514 This one has the Humidity Correction set at 3% but it doesn’t appear to change anything, and it will usually revert back to 0% at some point. Pls provide feedback. @Chuan Thx!

My thermostat doesn’t seem to read humidity correctly either. It has read 49% since installing a few weeks ago. Reading doesn’t change. Humidity offset doesn’t do anything. Firmware update didn’t fix.