Best way to reset Wyze thermostat?

Hi all. I need to reset my Wyze thermostat. It has been functioning without any issues, however, I don’t have the option to have the fan cycle on a timer (without the heat/cool). I believe this is due to the way that I originally had it setup. That was over a year ago, so perhaps I can enable this some how without resetting it?

Any how, what’s the best way of going about this? I don’t have any of the pictures of the install.

Factory reset instructions here:

You can probably skip through a bunch of the install instructions since it’s already installed.

Thanks. So, I’m familiar with the reset method, but curious as to the questions to answer during the setup to ensure the fan control is enabled.

I don’t believe the thermostat has the capability of running the fan on a schedule per se outside of active heating and cooling schedules.

It does have a Fan Cycle setting wherein you can set a minimum fan run time per hour, but I don’t know if that minimum time also includes Heat and Cool fan runtime in its calculation. I don’t use the feature. It is in the Advanced Menu.

There is a Wishlist topic requesting this.

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hmm. show a picture of your current wiring at the thermostat and at the air handler.

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