Need to factory reset thermostat and start over

I installed 2 Wyze thermostats.
One went smooth.
The other installed but when I looked at it in my account there was a cloud with a line thru it on the status screen…
So I wanted to install it again using a factory reset but I dont know how to do it.
Just pressing the control knob for 10 seconds doesnt work.
I deleted the device but that hasnt gotten me anywhere.
Does anyone out there know how to?

Hi folks… it was as easy as pushing on the control knob for 10 seconds to get a factory reset.
The control knob is a bit touchy and you need to press it right in the middle.
That being said I was able to reset my thermostat and reinstall it.
Now both thermostats now are up and running perfectly.

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Glad to here you got it working!